2012 NW Coffee Festival, Georgetown, Seattle, Washington.

Seattle coffee lovers unite! That was the unspoken mantra of the coffee event brought to us by the folks who organize the NW Chocolate Festival.

With dozens of vendors, coffee roasters, and educational talks, the event drew hundreds of coffee fans to the Seattle Design Center near Georgetown. The event continues today (Sunday November 11).

“This festival is about consumers. Coffee is so prevalent in Seattle there is a need for a festival that is consumer driven and this satisfies that niche,” Andrea, one of the festival coordinators tells me.

Big Seattle names like Caffe Ladro, Kuma Coffee, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, among others where serving their coffee. In addition, there were cake, pastry, and chocolate vendors on hand to compliment the coffee being served.

For more information, visit NW Coffee Festival's website: www.nwcoffeefestival.com

Seattle Coffee Scene
Cole McBride from Visions serving up some Kuma Coffee with an Aeropress at the NW Coffee Festival 2012.


Chocolate is also prevalent at the NW Coffee Festival 2012.


Bird's eye view of Caffe Ladro's stand.


NW Coffee Festival 2012 Seattle Coffee Scene
Slate Coffee Roasters at the NW Coffee Festival 2012.