When we talk about coffee and cafes, it can all be romantic. But certainly coffee can be fun too. I recently visited and spent time at Vovito, Bellevue’s hottest place to get incredible coffee art and exceptional gelato – and found just that – fun.

If you like both gelato and coffee art – then you’ll be in heaven at Vovito. In Bellevue, they have quickly built up a reputation for delivering high quality gelato, exceptionally designed coffee drinks – all in a beautiful space.

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I recently spent some time with Vovito’s owner, Ariff Gulamani, who is a passionate perfectionist – every gelato or coffee served needs to be done right.

The former CEO and accountant tells me that he loves coffee and the Seattle coffee scene and is happy to be a part of it.  “I love meeting new people and all of our great customers – it’s a vibrant community,” Arrif says.

There's no doubt that you'll be hearing more about Vovito in the coming months and years. They are opening another location in Seattle soon (we’ll keep you posted).

Ariff and his team spend quite a bit of time on their product offerings – from their beverages to their custom cakes, and sweet gelato (where do I apply for the job?) and it shows. In fact, the results are pretty incredible: from hazelnut, chocolate, pistachio and espresso – and nearly everything in between, you’ll find a gelato flavor to love.

While you might be coming in for the coffee, you'll be hard pressed to not leave without tasting some of their custom made gelato.

seattle coffee - vovito caffee - seattle gelato

Vovito offers pretty much everything you can ask for – a beautiful space, amazing gelato, and great coffee served wonderfully and is worth checking out soon.

I’ll be updating this post soon as we list Vovito’s second location in Seattle.

seattle coffee - vovito - gelato - seattle gelato - seattle coffee shops

Vovito – Caffe & Gelato is an excellent Seattle Coffee destination for both coffee, gelato, cakes, food and just relaxing.

Their exact location is below:

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Vovito - Caffe & Gelato

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Vovito - Caffe & Gelato 47.616151, -122.193494