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Welcome to the Seattle Coffee Scene!

Read by coffee lovers all over the world, the Seattle Coffee Scene aims to be the best blog it can be, by offering a peek into one of the best coffee cities in America.

My name is Eddie and like you, I'm into coffee.

I don't profess to know everything about coffee. I am not a barista or a professional coffee roaster, but I am someone who is passionate about enjoying coffee with friends and family.

Over the last eight years, I've enjoyed visiting new coffee places, exploring ways to brew coffee at home, roast my own beans, and learning more about this wonderful drink.

I've spent some time visiting a variety of cafes and coffeehouses throughout the world and hope to never stop!

Seattle is a wonderful city. There are many great things that determine what defines a wonderful city. For me it's the art, music, food, and… the coffee, of course!

Certainly, Seattle has them all! I hope to be able to share with you all the good things about Seattle's amazing coffee scene, from the perspective of a regular coffee Joe. 

So how did the Seattle Coffee Scene come about? One day after having too much coffee and not enough sleep, I decided that I would add yet another project to my “to do” list and start a blog about the coffeehouse and spots I often visit in this town…and I haven't stopped! (more about me here)

Slowly, my personal blog has grown into an online coffee resource and magazine for those coffee lovers who are interested in learning more about the Seattle Coffee Scene.


The Evolution of a Coffee Blog

The Seattle Coffee Scene was a simple and personal blog made with a lot of love – it has been an amazing journey of discovering Seattle's great neighborhoods through coffee. As everything else in life, this publication is always evolving and has grown into something more.

Today SCS is Seattle's premiere online coffee magazine for Seattle coffee consumers. It delivers highlights of Seattle's amazing coffeehouses, coffee roasters, and coffee culture. Our online coffee magazine profiles the best that Seattle has too offer. Recently, we added a coffee podcast that gives a coffeehouses, coffee roasters, baristas, and others involved in the coffee scene an opportunity to share their passion for specialty coffee.



  • Can I write for Seattle Coffee Scene? Oh Yeah. We consider stories from freelancers. We want to encourage Seattle-area baristas, roasters, and other coffee related businesses and organizations to consider writing. (If you are interested in writing a piece, send us an email!)
  • Coffee houses have a wonderful tradition of being community hubs.   We tend to see each coffeehouse, cafe, and roaster through the lens of community. “Community” is a vague word I know, but it revolves around the idea of having a connective quality for individuals. “Does the cafe or coffee shop create a sense of community?” is the question I always find myself asking. Of course, then there's the quality of coffee, the customer service, and the uniqueness to each place that's important…


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Q & A With Seattle Coffee Scene's Publisher

Do you “review” every coffeehouse you visit? Not at all. Sometimes I just like to drink a great cup and move on…

How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? Too many for my doctor to know about.

How do you keep your teeth so white? I brush a lot and occasionally use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. Also, I have a great dentist.

So,  what else do  you do?  Aside from writing about coffee, I have been a journalist and worked with/for a variety of media outlets over a decade. Since leaving the mainstream journalism, I have freelanced for many organizations and alternative news and magazines.

Today, I'm more on the tech side of things, enjoying building websites and have emerged as a seasoned online web developer specializing in e-commerce platforms for individuals and small businesses.

I also work with small businesses developing their business plans, online marketing strategies, etc. I also develop and design sustainable products; and assist with product launches a few times a year.

I also do a lot of work with social start up companies and non-profit organizations. In addition to my fascination with coffee, I like to sail, row, camp and travel.



After my interview with Swiss Television – talking about coffee in Seattle.

Got Seattle Coffee News?

Do you have Seattle Coffee News that you would like to share?  Opening up a cafe or moving your coffee shop across town? Why not let me know? Simply send me an email at contact@seattlecoffeescene.com!


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During my trip to Guatemala to visit coffee farms, a stop in Tikal.