I don’t care of if I’m watching my weight. I don’t care if I need to walk another 18 miles this week around Seattle. Today, this is my personal Manifest Destiny: I will have just one – Okay, maybe only one – chocolate doughnut with sprinkles from Top Pot.

No harm in that. And besides, today (June 1) is National Doughnut Day… and I’m a sucker for tradition.

So, with great energy I fought off my Catholic guilt (which is a subject for an another blog entirely) and walked to Top Pot on Capitol Hill to indulge my taste buds.

If you know me, you soon realize that I like the elegance of simplicity. I like things that make sense.  Coffee and doughnuts make sense. Chocolate makes sense. Doughnut sprinkles make sense.  Lavender beer doesn't make sense. And all the bustle at Top Pot this morning all makes sense – this place is a gem of a find.

Sheltered by large leafy maple trees, Top Pot is nestled in a quite street on Capitol Hill very much to the delight of its neighbors – and me.

I simply and positively love the charm of this café and hope that you find your way to it soon.

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Top Pot Coffee and Doughnuts Capitol Hill Seattle
Coffee Art is the icing on the Doughnut at Top Pot.


Top Pot found its name entirely by accident – or was it destiny? 

Legend has it that the owners found a vintage sign that once belonged to a Chinese restaurant and hauled it away for use. Instead it would sit for years to rust in their backyard. The original sign read “Topspot.” But when the time came to restore it, like a decayed tooth, the “S” fell out, and “Top Pot” was born. That was about ten years ago now and the Top Pot has filled many bellies with warm fresh doughnuts since then.

Top Pot is a charming community coffee and doughnut mecca that easily wins over many neighbors – young and old. The baristas and staff are friendly and chatty which gives the beautifully designed cafe a welcoming vibe. It is a sweet Seattle coffee shop.

They hand-roll their own doughnuts and roast their own beans. Which reminds me. I need to write something about their coffee… ah…and like their doughnuts, their coffee is wonderful.  Now for this sugar explosion with colored sprinkles I ordered a double shot Americano and was feeling pretty happy. Bold and rich, perfect for this afternoon delight.

Put Top Pot on your must-stop-in-and-try list for the next time you're on Capitol Hill.

National Doughnut Day? Yup, how about that? The Salvation Army headed the national doughnut day  concept as a way to support the Allied Troops in WWI. Later the organization would make the day “official” and use it for their fundraising efforts during the Great Depression.

It only leads me to the question, is there a National Coffee Day?  Yes! September 29th. Mark it on your calendars!

Location: 609 Summit Avenue East

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Free Wifi

Espresso: $2.50

The map below will lead you to your destiny. It did mine. At least for today.

Here is Maggie, delivering my latte. Thanks Maggie!


Great Seattle Coffee and Doughnuts:

Top Pot on Capitol Hill

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Top Pot on Capitol Hill 47.624640, -122.325481