In Seattle, it is possible to get excellent locally roasted coffee pretty much anywhere – even while picking up your mail.

On a cool Monday afternoon, I dropped by Ballard’s “Sip and Ship” – which provides private mailboxes, secure package and receiving services, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Notary services, and lots more.

In addition, they have a sweet local gift shop packed with local items – from T-shirts, greeting cards, and Champagne.

Seriously, I could list all of their services here, but really two of them caught my attention. First: They ship wine (yeeees!) – this is a very much needed service for my friends and family who are thirsty to try local PNW wines. And second, they serve Herkimer Coffee.

Who would think that sending out your rent check every month could be so fun, right?

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As you’re waiting for your coffee, you can pick up your mail, drop off mail, pick up some stamps, or simply pull up a chair and catch up on some light reading. You can also just choose to people watch from their large bay windows overlooking Market Street.

The baristas and staff are Super friendly (yes, that’s a capital “S”) and are completely welcoming – guaranteeing a future visit. Seriously, it’s about places like Sip and Ship that dot this city that makes Seattle such a cool place to live.

If you don’t you have time to sit down and enjoy coffee in Seattle, you’ll want to stop by Sip and Ship – where you can take care of a few errands, meet with friends, send your favorite coffee blogger a bottle of wine, or just bask in the friendly atmosphere.

Mail & Dispatch Sip and Ship
1752 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 789-4488(206) 789-4488

Note: They also have a Phinneywood location too!

Mail & Dispatch Sip and Ship

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Mail & Dispatch Sip and Ship 47.668940, -122.381150
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