Beautiful Café/Wine Bar Space Available in Belltown, Seattle

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Street Bean Espresso is moving. The space will be available in March 2015.




Would you like to open a successful wine bar in one of Seattle’s most thriving business and residential districts? If so, in the space that what is now Street Bean Espresso – located in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown district – will be available in the Spring of 2015.


This Beautiful Space Will Be Ready For Your Business!


The space that Street Bean Espresso created over the last few years is beautiful and will be ready to be occupied in March 2015. While serving as a great location for a café, we are hoping that the new business will have a larger menu offering – such as wine, beer, along with espresso, etc.


Cafe Space Available in Seatle
1700 Sq. Ft. Space with plumbing, sinks, and more.


What’s Happening to Street Bean?

While the good folks over at Street Bean Espresso might provide you with a better answer, here’s the gist: Street Bean Espresso will be moving across the street into the New Horizons Building – which is their parent organization.  


Looking for Tenants With a Broader Menu To Fill Space

If you aren’t familiar with Street Bean Espresso (See Seattle Coffee Scene’s Interview Here), they continue to work to improve the lives of homeless youth in the city. Since they are planning to move directly across the street, we don’t want the next occupant to compete directly with them. 

Our lease termination does not mean we don’t support them – because we do. We really want them to continue doing what they have been doing for the city of Seattle in their new space.

With that said, we are looking for a tenant who may want to provide a wine, beer, and other offerings to not directly compete with Street Bean.



The space is already built out and has approximately 1700 square feet. We’re looking for a Triple Net, 3 year Term Lease, at $24 per square foot. The space is plumbed for dishwashing and already has sinks. 




Cafe Space Available in Seattle
Ready for business in the heart of Belltown, Seattle.


Requirements: We want to see a business plan that does not compete directly with Street Bean Espresso.


Available: March 2015


Address: 2702 Third Avenue, Seattle

Please do not bother the folks over at Street Bean Espresso. For series inquiries, email John: