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What's the Best POS for Coffee Shops?

coffee shop posWe've been to a lot of coffee shops over the last ten years. In that time, we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to business practices and business decisions.

To sell coffee, you need an espresso machine, coffee grinder, hot water, and a way to take payments from your coffee shop customers. 

In other words, aside from your basic coffee brewing equipment, you’re going to need a reliable POS system for your coffee shop business.

We’ve interviewed and visited hundreds of coffee shops and observed all aspects of their business – from the coffee served, customer service, to the their business practices.

Today, we’re going to focus on determining the best POS for Coffee Shops.

Whether you have a café, bakery, or other retail business, having the right Point-of-Sale system is essential – and could save you lots of money, time, hassle, and headaches.




Choosing A Coffee Shop POS System That Makes Cents

If you run a coffee shop business, you know that a reliable POS system is absolutely critical for you to accept money from a variety of ways from your customers.

Gone are the days that people only using their credit cards for just the big-ticket items and important things such as appliances, clothes, and pieces of furniture.

In fact, customers are carrying less and less cash with them and are buying items with their credit/debit cards that are often under $5 in value. It is not uncommon for customers to pay for a single cup of coffee.

Having the right POS system can either deliver financial losses in this situation or be beneficial.

Again, it comes down to the POS you decide to use on your coffee shop.

It’s not far off where having a “cash drawer” will be almost needless, as most people will be paying with plastic. While that day isn’t quite here yet, the fact is that most customers now, will use their credit or debit cards.

Processing each transaction securely, reliably, and with confidence matters to all coffee shop owners.



A POS System Made for a Busy Coffee Shop

coffee shop posIf you currently own or are just about to open a coffee shop business, you might be thinking about what POS system is right for you and your coffee business.

You may currently have reliable POS system like Square, which can work for some coffee businesses.

But what if you need something more reliable, works offline when the internet is down, and provides you with more data to make better decisions?

We’ve checked a few POS systems out for coffee shops (and other similar businesses) and have found ourselves frequently gravitating towards reliable POS system.

ShopKeep is a highly popular POS system that is used by over 23,000 small businesses, including coffee shops and bakeries.

We have found that the reliable POS system provides everything that you need to process your coffee shop transactions.

What ShopKeep Provides You and Your Coffee Shop:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast
  • Great inventory tracking
  • 5-Start Customer Service


Which Coffee Shop POS Do We Like?

The great thing about reliable POS system is that it allows you to stay informed 24/7.

It’s powerful analytic tools allow you to know what income you’re bringing, what the cost of goods sold is, and what items you are selling (or not selling).

This information can quickly and reliability save you money that would otherwise take you weeks or months to figure out.

As a coffee shop customer, I like to know that my credit card information is safe and my transactions are processed securely.

That’s why we like ShopKeep. This POS company offers great features for coffee shops and other retail businesses.

Explore ShopKeep.