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Bohemian Roastery Visits Seattle

Taking their Roasting Operation Wherever There Heart Leads

It's always great to write about passionate coffee entrepreneurs who are enriching our coffee lives.

I recently caught up with Jeff Akers, owner of Bohemian Roastery. While Jeff spent much of his childhood in Seattle, he has been living and working in Arizona. But he's thinking about heading back to the Northwest soon, with his coffee roasting business in tow.  He brought his portable coffee roasting trailer with him to Washington and Oregon.

What makes Jeff's coffee roasting operation unique is his coffee roasting method: seasoned hard wood roasting in his traveling trailer truck.  Taking his passion for coffee to the next level, he tinkered with a wood-fired coffee roaster until he got it right and had placed it on a custom-built trailer.

bohemian roasteryJeff was on his way to Oregon to check out the recent eclipse. I got to try some of Nitro Coffee roasted, brewed, and prepared by Bohemian Roastery. Simply delicious! Jeff offers a number of different coffee profiles from a variety of origin countries. (I'm really enjoying the coffee from Costa Rica!).

Without a doubt, Jeff has created something very special with his wood-fire traveling roastery. His passion for sharing his small-batch coffee profiles adds to the great culinary diversity we are so proud to enjoy.

Bohemian Roastery offers their coffee for sale online and easily shipped to you – definitely worth a try!

For more information, check them out: Bohemian Roastery

bohemian roastery