If you ever want to find the pulse of UW newbie undergrads then the Cafe on the Ave in Seattle a great place to go.

When school is in session the place is packed with local and international students seeking to hook up with their friends for a quick bite to eat or an iced-coffee before the start of the next class.

A Seattle Coffee U-District Student Hub

Beyond their teas and their caffeinated concoctions, they have a pretty decent espresso. The baristas are friendly and the owner, a jovial gentleman by the name of Song, is always right by your table to make sure that you’re satisfied. Song makes it known that he missed me when I haven’t come by in a while. For the amount of traffic this place gets, it's quite impressive when the owner recognizes and values your business.

A good place to get a good bite to eat and even a draft beer if the mood is right, Cafe on the Ave in Seattle fills a college town staple that UW needs and deserves. While many people might not find the large cafeteria feeling of this place appealing as a “cafe” – I actually like it. The anonymity of being in a large café filled with undergrad energy and usually good music, allows me and others to get work done online without a hitch. I like to work here because the place has plenty of outlets, tables and seats (enough for all students coming here), and free Wi-Fi. Sometimes I would have a breakfast here – it's the time when the place is less full and loud.

Location: 4201 University Way Northeast

Neighborhood: University District

Parking: Street Parking


Cafe on the Ave

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Cafe on the Ave 47.658512, -122.313557