With Caffé Vita, I cannot hide my love. These guys set the standard for coffee in Seattle and thus get a five star rating in my book. They have made an incredible impression in Seattle Coffee.

Walk into their Capitol Hill location (they have 7 locations in the area) which includes an upstairs parlor and you will find an inviting cafe that pushes the envelope when it comes to cafes in the city. They offer several excellent roast blends, including Cafe Luna, which is probably one of my favorites. At this location, you can see the roasters working their magic from a large window in Caffe Vita's downstairs area. If you're among the crowd outside who are smoking on the sidewalk, you will see trucks of coffee beans coming in and out of their storage area.

While you might think that a well-known coffee roaster and café such as Caffé Vita might have pretentious baristas, nothing could be farther than the truth. Whether they are tatted up or not, these professional coffee geniuses are as sweet as they come.

Seattle Coffee Love: With baristas like these, who needs friends?

While I would go so far as to call myself a regular, I have been at this location more times than I can count and have found that their coffee and service is consistently outstanding. These guys understand what great coffee is about and what service should be.

Cafe Vita, Capitol Hill, Seattle – Sorry that the pic came out blurry – sometimes those are the breaks!


Their Capitol Hill location usually has good music piping through the speakers, which isn’t obnoxiously loud.

Here you will find a mix of customers from all walks of life  who appreciate a good cup of coffee – students from UW, SCC and Seattle University love to study here and get their fill of great Seattle Coffee



From what I understand they are taking the show on the road to New York and maybe even Lost Angeles. It's my hope that their expansion doesn't dilute the quality of their roast, which would be a pity. But they've done things right so far and if I were a bettin' man, my cash would be on them.

Location: 1005 East Pike Street

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill (Pike and Broadway)

 Parking: Street Parking (Slightly Difficult)

 Free Wifi

Caffe Vita Capitol Hill

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Caffe Vita Capitol Hill 47.613861, -122.319043