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 Caffè Delia In Rat City

Just a few steps South of Seattle's city limits, you'll find Caffè Delia, a handsome coffee spot serving Velton's Coffee.

It’s a perfect stop whenever I need to grab well-pulled coffee before shopping in Westwood Village. It truly is an oasis for coffee, as I think options are sparse for about a 2 mile radius, which is significant distance in Seattle. The art filled space is neat, semi-industrial, but welcoming and warm. 

So, BTW, where exactly is Rat City?

Even long time Seattle residents may have difficulty describing it or finding it. As a long-time fan, of the Rat City Roller Girls, their website does a good job describing it here. It's a stone's throw from West Seattle, just off 35th Avenue and Roxbury, the area is also known as White Center. 

Stepping into Caffè Delia, you’ll ether find owners Matt and Delia chatting with customers or barista Tyler, serving great coffee. If  you're lucky, you'll find one of Delia's homemade cookies still waiting to be eaten.

What's Your Favorite Coffee Spot in South Seattle? Comment Below!


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Seattle Coffee, Caffe Delia, Cafe Delia, Seattle Coffee Scene 


Caffe Delia

9622 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106


Caffe Delia

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Caffe Delia 47.516623, -122.354758 Caffe Delia in White Center (AKA RAT CITY)