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Learning About Coffee?

Explore Your Personal Taste Preferences With The Coffee Explorer

There has never been a better time in the world to experience coffee than today.

The coffee that many Americans and certainly, many Seattleites, have available to us today is of the highest quality that humanity has ever tasted.

Thanks to the hard work and passion from farmers, to roasters, to baristas, we can experience so many wonderful types of coffees from around the world.

But… it can take a lifetime to learn and appreciate the various taste profiles we have available to us.

Even the most experienced coffee drinkers can have difficulty understanding just what kind of coffee they enjoy. 

The Joy of Learning About Coffee

seattle coffee scene, seattle coffee shops, cafes in SeattleThe great thing about coffee is that everyone has their unique taste preferences.

But with so many different and delicious coffees out there, how do we know which ones we like?

How do we articulate our personal taste for certain coffees over others?  

How do we know whether we prefer a coffee from Guatemala over Yemen?

In comes Coffee Explorer, an interactive coffee experience created by Coffee Lovers Magazine.

Coffee Lovers Magazine has been educating us about coffees from around the world for years and put together a great in-home coffee tasting experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Coffee Education I Needed (And Enjoyed!)

I received the Coffee Explorer Kit from Coffee Lover’s Magazine. Next, I received a box with a unique coffee and set of detailed instructions. You are given a unique questionnaire to fill out online (which I did).

The unique questions focused on my taste preferences. Next, I submitted my answers online.  Within days I received a detailed profile of my personal taste-leanings.

As a coffee lover who tastes a lot of great coffee, I realized that I have never fully tried to understand my taste preferences, so I didn't know what to expect.

I thought this would be a good time to better understand the tastes and flavors that I gravitate towards in the coffee I drink, so I decided to try the Coffee Explorer.

As part of the experience, I received a very detailed report on my coffee taste preferences.

I was pleasantly surprised by the personalize description I received back.

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The Coffee Explorer gave me the in-depth description of coffee flavors that I love in a manner that I could have never articulated. 

Coffee Explorer also recommended which roast profiles and coffee originating in specific regions that I should try in order to taste the flavors that I personally enjoy. For example, my coffee origin of preference pointed to coffees coming from Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, and the Congo, among others.

It was an enlightening exercise that allowed me to better understand the taste profiles I love. For example, I preferred coffee tastes that project flavors found in Graham crackers, pecan pie, candied nuts, and Fig, as well as others.

It was completely enlightening and it was a great exercise. 

Without a doubt, the Coffee Explorer, is one of the best ways to learn about your coffee taste preferences.

As a coffee blogger, writing about coffee in Seattle, I’ve tried a lot of amazing coffee, but I have never been able to pin down my personal taste preferences until now. The Coffee Explorer helped me to fully understand my personal palate.

This experience, offered by Coffee Lover’s Magazine, is simply of the best starting points to understanding your personal taste preferences.

My only regret is that I wish I had tried it sooner.

For more information on Coffee Lover’s Magazine and their coffee resources and in-depth articles, visit them here.