Do you remember that story about Isaac Newton pondering life’s questions when suddenly an apple plopped down and bounced off his head? The universal law of gravity was born soon after.

That famous little story was written under the influence of coffee.  That’s right, coffee.  Voltaire, a young French philosopher and writer, who came up with such radical ideas as freedom of religion, the separation between church and the state, and freedom of expression was also a science writer and wrote that little ditty about the apple – and the world would never be the same because of it. He would go on to inspire the thinkers of the American and French revolutions.

Voltaire was also a prolific coffee drinker as he was a writer having written more than 2,000 books while drinking as many as 70 cups of coffee a day! Voltaire was a poster child for caffeinated productivity. He was also a bit of a coffee diva requiring exactly 60 beans for every cup of coffee he had. It was, I imagined, his way of consistently brewing the perfect cup of Joe.

That leads me here to the Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard where a consistently great brewed coffee is in store for those prolific writers who reside beside their laptops for work.



The resident barista, JP tells me that they get a lot campers – people like me who sit and drink coffee and enjoy the cool space for many hours of the day. The Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard is my kinda working café, a go-to spot where you can go to get some great coffee (or beer) and work online.

There are over 42 million freelancers in the United States and a good percentage of them in Seattle. Whether you are Social Media “consultant,” writer, marketer, moonlighter, or simply looking for a place to take care of a little extra work and count your beans, we are all trying to look for that perfect third place to get more work done – the Aster Coffee Lounge just might suit your needs.

While you may or may not be contemplating Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, the Aster Lounge provides a spacious, cool, and ultra-friendly vibe that easily gravitates you towards getting your work done. (Sorry, I had to write that).

 In addition to Big Truck Coffee Beans (From Olympia), they serve a variety of pastries, wine, and beer. Check ‘em out and tell them Voltaire sent ya!

Below is the exact location of Aster Coffee Lounge. Be sure to like us on Facebook, would ya?