seattle coffee - bikini baristasIt’s can be easy to write a negative story about a bikini espresso stand or write titillating and seductively-creative headlines about the sexiness of baristas wearing “scantily” bikinis.

But I imagine that none of the “stories” behind provocative headlines really provide an in-depth and objective look behind the scenes of this well-established fixture of the Seattle Coffee Scene.

And yet, nearly everyone has an opinion about them.

No doubt, they are just a part of the Seattle Coffee Scene, as say Victrola, Caffé D’Arte or Caffe Vita, or Herkimer Coffee.


But, what’s the mystery behind them? Why are they often such an easy target?

I set off to answer these questions and more in two in-depth podcast interviews that I think covers the subject like never before.

One thing has emerge to be quite evident for me:

seattle coffee - seattle bikini barista
Seattle Cowgirls Espresso Barista Tiffani. Photo Credit: Tiffani.

Not all bikini espresso stands are created equally.

Some have gotten themselves in, well, hot water.  This isn’t a story about those companies.

This is a story about Cowgirls Espresso, one Seattle-area coffee company that has lived and operated above the fray and have avoided controversy.

I’d encourage you to take a listen to both podcasts. The first by Cowgirls Espresso owner Lori Bowden and the second is with one of her bikini baristas, Tiffani.

Both of these women are exceptional people, smart, funny and articulate. I think the interviews are insightful, fun, and interesting – and perhaps a little eye-opening?



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 Part 1 – Interview with Cowgirls Espresso Owner, Lori Bowden:

Part 2 – Interview with Cowgirls Espresso Bikini Barista, Tiffani:


Cowgirls Espresso - Seattle

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