You know what I love about Bakery Nouveau? That an average Joe like me can walk in to this great multi-award winning bakery and be greeted like the King of France every single time. (Does France still have a King?) Whoever does the hiring at Bakery Nouveau – knows how to pick ‘em: Friendly, genuine, and engaged front end staff and baristas who actually smile – and mean it.

Bakery Nouveau is where class meets beauty, and excellent baking meets well served coffee. If you haven’t been, this is a must stop place in West Seattle (and on Capitol Hill) to fill up on hearty baked breads and delicious desserts.

seattle best bakery, best coffee

You can read about their award-winning streak here, but I will just say that Bakery Nouveau provides wonderful pastries, cakes, and breads that will make Seattle’s gray skies disappear – even if only in the time it takes for you to enjoy a chocolate croissant and an Americano.

One thing is for sure – Seattleites love Bakery Nouveau. The West Seattle location on California Ave is always jammed with customers that you’ll be lucky to find a seat during rush hour. My suggestion if you want to sit down, I would avoid the morning rush and try visiting mid-afternoon.

seattle best bakery, seattle best coffee

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Visit Bakery Nouveau here in West Seattle:

Bakery Nouveau - West Seattle

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Bakery Nouveau - West Seattle 47.560006, -122.387081


Visit Bakery Nouveau here on Capitol Hill:

Bakery Nouveau

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Bakery Nouveau 47.619506, -122.312902