Espresso Vivace has a long history on Capitol Hill spanning well over two decades. I remember visiting their “old” location before it was torn down in the name of progress and less traffic congestion. It was a beautiful set up that I simply admired. Ah well, even good things must come to and end.

Nevertheless, Espresso Vivace has come back with a large new and modern coffee shop right on the Broadway strip catering to students, writers, local shop workers, and those just out for a stroll.

I’ve always enjoyed their double shots of espresso and their baked offerings, and I admit that their Americano is of one of the best you will find in Seattle.

Seattle Coffee at Its Best

The coffee is a solid 5 out of 5 stars in my book and their coffee art on their lattes are sweet enough to brighten a gray-drizzly Seattle afternoon. If you ever want to see great coffee art Espresso Vivace is of Seattle's best known places.

Seattle Coffee Passion at Vivace

In addition to their art, Vivace offers great service. No Diva-Barista types here, which is refreshing. I’ve been here countless times and cannot recall when I didn’t have a friendly, slightly chatty barista. Loved it. After all, no likes to buy a cup of coffee from an angst-ridden grumpy barista who expects a tip even if they look at you with disdain for interrupting their texting marathon.

Espresso Vivace is family-friendly, which may imply that it's not a good place to do some work, but that generally isn't the case. If you need to do online work for an hour or so, I think you'll be okay.

The large windows, which open up when the weather permits, makes it a sweet place to soak up the energy from the foot traffic off Broadway. If you have a larger study group or would like a bit more space to layout to do your work, there is a small glass-partitioned room available, but it's often packed and can get a bit stuffy at times. 

If you want great coffee and see some excellent coffee art, Espresso Vivace should be on your list!

Kasey of Espresso Vivace whips up a latte:


Location: 532 Broadway Ave East

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Parking: Difficult but manageable

Free Wifi

The map below details exactly where Espresso Vivace does their magic.

Espresso Vivace

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Espresso Vivace 47.623895, -122.320921