There is a new phenomenon on in America. People are dying and getting injured in droves by….wait for it… texting while walking!

Nearly 1200 people in 2011 were severely injured and 116 people died while texting on their phones, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And officials think that this estimate is extremely low because emergency room personnel usually don’t ask whether a patient was on the phone during the time of the accident.

Just another reason to keep my flip phone in my pocket.

Of course, it’s not as dangerous as getting in your PJs and sleeping, where nearly 500 people die every year falling out of bed, but it should pause to make us think…

Interestingly, there hasn't been a single documented case that someone has died from drinking coffee. Good to know as I’m sitting here at the Online Café in Capitol Hill – one of my go-to spots when I need to get some work done on the Hill and a jolt of coffee.

Everything about the Online Café is conducive to getting work done online. The music level is just right, the vibe is just right, and the coffee is just right – and they offer computer desk tops for those who are LapTopLess (I just couldn’t resist). 

The baristas here are super-mellow and create a welcoming vibe to anyone who happens beyond their door.  Being welcomed by a great barsita serving excellent coffee makes me just want to come back every time. You simply can train for that kind of service. 

If you need a desk with a computer and the ability to print out a couple of pages, the Online Café is the place to go. If you want to park outside on their patio and people watch, they’ll set you up. Though I like being outside, I usually come to Online Café to pound out some work in a reasonably quiet and grown-up locale.

This place is a freelancer’s daydream. They offer a number of pastries, muffins, drinks (including local beer) and sandwiches. Stop by if you need some great coffee, a quiet place to work, or a safe place to text message your boss that you’ll be late for work

The Online Cafe: 1720 E. Olive Way, Seattle WA, 98102

Mon – Fri 7am – 1am, Sat & Sun 9am – 1am

The Online Cafe, Capitol Hill

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The Online Cafe, Capitol Hill 47.619960, -122.322685