What do you get when you put freshly roasted espresso, premium dark chocolate, and vodka together? One happy Seattleite!

Espresso Martinis have been around for a while, but they are finally getting their time in the sun here in Seattle, thanks to one local chocolatier and coffee roaster.

Dilettante Mocha Café & Chocolate Martini Bar on Broadway Avenue in Capitol Hill is serious about their chocolate, their beans, and their customers' experience.

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Dilettante Broadway
In addition to their martinis, Dilettante serves a variety of cakes and chocolates to take home with you. Oh, yes, you're gonna wanna take some home…

Dilettante’s Mocha Café is certainly beautifully designed space, open to sidewalk foot traffic spills out to Broadway and flushes in natural light. Inside, it's counters have more curves than the Rat City Rollers and is lined with mouth-watering cakes, truffles, and chocolates that would make Dr. Atkins blush.

Dilettante makes (and have perfected) all the chocolate they serve themselves with a recipe that spans decades.

Here’s what in their Midnight Espresso Martinis:

  • Ephemere® Truffle Sauce
  • One shot of their Hapsburg Espresso
  • Coffee Liqueur
  • Vodka

The result is a velvety smooth, chocolate-espresso taste that warms your spirits. I'm telling you, these are great and a good way to shake up the happy hour beer and chips scene. Now, I am not generally a martini drinker but I couldn’t pass the opportunity up for one of a kind espresso martini with locally sourced ingredients.

First, this smells wonderfully sinful. With this booze, chocolate, and coffee, the barista/bartender calls this the “triple threat”. Ah, and right she is!

Mmmm… with none of the ingredients over-powering each other – you can taste the sweetness of the chocolate, feel the texture of the espresso crema, and the vacuum of the vodka in your mouth in one beautiful sip, heavenly sip.

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My words are powerless. This simply speaks for itself.


Dilettante’s Moca Café has been around for years , but they changed ownership about four years ago. In addition, they have a couple of locations throughout Seattle, including at Sea-Tac airport, but this Capitol Hill café is their flagship location complete with a full kitchen and semi-full bar that is packed with a respectable selection of spirits, beers, and sparkling wines.

If you’re not one for alcohol, do try one of their mochas or lattes along with a piece of their Mocha Praline.

Served by friendly folks this place should be on your destination list. The staff at Capitol Hill are both exceptional and professional, catering to ensure that your time in their café is pleasant and welcoming.

While they don’t have weekend brunch, they do have an excellent selection for lunch that includes Hungarian Chicken, Steamed Mussels, and Borsch and other plates.

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If you feel like being sweet to someone, consider taking home their Champagne Truffles.


But getting back to the martinis. While they are more than capable of making your favorite concoction, they have two other additional espresso martinis on their menu.

They have a couple of other martinis on their menu:

Hazelnut Espresso Martini: Ephemere Truffle Sauce, vodka, Frangelico, Coffee Liqueur, Bailey’s Caramel – and a shot of espresso.

 Lattini Espresso Martini: Double shot of espresso, Bailey’s coffee liqueur, and vanilla vodka.

Additionally, I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t tell you that they also offer many of their chocolates online, including their own Ephemere chocolate sauce, and freshly roasted coffee beans too! Check them out online at http://www.dilettante.com/

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In addition to yummy espresso martinis, an excellent latte is to be had at Dilettante's on Capitol Hill, Seattle.


Dilettante Cafe & Mocha Bar: 538 Broadway E. Seattle, WA 98102

Dilettante Cafe & Mocha Bar

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