how to set up a coffee blog

How To Easiy Set Up Your Coffee Blog (or Any Blog)

Want to start your own coffee blog?  While you have a number of great options, I will teach you how I built one of the most read coffee blogs in Seattle, a city often considered the American coffee capital.

Of course, you can apply the following tutorial to any type of blog or website!

And the good news, is that it is NOT as hard as you may think!

Over the last few years, I have spent many hours building websites of varying complexity for myself and others.

And I can honestly tell you that if you are pondering the difficulty of building your own website, don't worry! It’s actually not difficult to build your own website (as you will see for yourself in the video below)!  And it’s not that expensive either.

So how much does making your own website cost? Well, other than paying for website hosting (which everyone needs to in some manner), I have built from free resources… and you can too!

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Your Skill Level Needs

Here’s the thing…. you probably already have the skills to start your own blog!

My basic rule of thumb is: If you can write a letter using MS Word or if you can upload a picture on Facebook, you actually have the skills to create your own blog.

And…if you stick with this step-by-step guide on how to start your own blog, you will be up and running in no time at all!

Quick Blogging Tip: Pick Something Your Passionate About

If you’re thinking about starting a blog – about anything – be passionate about it. The technical stuff (what I will show you) is pretty easy. What IS challenging, however, is developing the content for your blog.

For, for example, the premise was pretty straightforward: visit local coffee shops and local coffee roasters and write about it. In Seattle, like many other places, this can keep anyone busy for years!

But the thing is, I LOVE coffee. So, writing about my adventures at various cafes didn’t seem like a chore.

Likewise, pick something you can easily be passionate about. This will help you generate the content you need and the passion you want.


Free Options for Blogging

seattle coffee scene - coffee artThere are a few free options for blogging. While there are thousands of articles and resources pointing to a variety of blogging platforms, I wont go into it too much, except for adding my own two sense:

Many of the free options are good, especially for starting out. Using a free blogging service, like can be good.

But remember, being “free” kinda has a price of its own. If you build your blog on someone else’s platform, you will often be restricted by the customizations, rules, and terms of service that they pre-determine.

For many of you, this might be okay. Additionally, you may also be agreeing to giving up the rights to your content and pictures as part of the terms and conditions.

Additionally, your blogging platform may force their ads on your website, so that your readers can click on them. If readers are going to click on ads on your website, shouldn't you get paid for it?

Free blogging companies need to make money somehow… So, often they leverage your content (your blog posts, videos, pictures, gifs, etc.) and your audience to make money – usually off your readers or you.

Again, free is often good, especially for blogging. But just be sure what the company is getting from you before you throw your blood, sweat, and tears into your project.

Seattle Coffee - Easy Street Cafe West Seattle
Enjoy a well served coffee at Easy Street Cafe in West Seattle.


The Easy Way to Create Your Own Blog

If you want to create your own blog and have complete control over your platform, you can do this for about $4-$8 a month (depending on the length of service) The longer you stay, the less you pay. Generally, about $75 bucks a year.

For example, I use Blue Host for most of my websites and I will demonstrate in the video below how you can set it up with Blue Host.

Blue Host – If you want to get your domain or website hosting through Blue Host before we begin, that’s fine too.

What You Need:

  1. An idea – what will your blog be about?
  2. A domain name
  3. Web Hosting Service – (Save on Blue Host)
  4. WordPress Installation
  5. A WordPress Theme (Free or Premium Themes are available)

Assuming that you already have your idea, let’s focus on putting together the last four items together for you.

A Video Demonstrating How to Get Your Blog Set Up


Step 1:
Get your domain name (Check Here for Domain Availability)

Step 2:
Get Your Web Hosting Service (Blue Host)

Step 3:
Connect Your Name Servers
(These are Provided by your Web Hosting Provider)

Step 4:
“Add on” Your Domain to Your Web Hosting Provider

Step 5:
Install WordPress (Your Website Framework)

Step 6:
Upload Your Theme

Step 7:
Start Blogging!

Disclosure: We are an affiliate of Blue Host. If you decide to purchase website hosting for your blog, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you.