Dismas Smith Ladro
Seattle Coffee Roaster, Dismas Smith and Caffe Ladro.

An Interview with Seattle Roaster, Dismas Smith

dismas smith interviewWhat makes Seattle one of the best cities in the world for coffee?  

There is no question that West Coast cities such as San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle paved the way for what we see today as a global growth in coffee. But was it always that way?

I'm continuing my Seattle Coffee interview series to find the best of Seattle Coffee culture.

Today's interview, I'm featuring Dismas Smith.  Dismas is long-time Seattle roaster, award-winning barista, and Seattle Coffee pioneer. Additionally, he was one of the founders of the Barista Guild and has dedicated his life to learning all he can about coffee.

Dismas represents the very best of the Seattle Coffee Scene, so as you can imagine, I'm really excited to have Dismas on our podcast. Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening to the interview: