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Visiting origin in Guatemala.

There is no question that I’ve had the great opportunity of meeting lots of great people and found them to be very intriguing, informative, and great personalities. Countless times, I had wished I could bring their interviews back to you a way that I had experienced them. Alas, a coffee podcast was born!

The Seattle Coffee Scene Podcast Show takes you deep into a thriving Seattle coffee culture with “behind the scenes” interviews with roasters, baristas, business owners and other players that influence American and world coffee culture.

Now you can listen to informative discussions about coffee and profiles on local Seattle cafés, coffee roasters and other players. You’ll also receive tips so that you’ll be a more informed coffee consumer!

This podcast is for the Seattleite (and those beyond) who loves coffee and wants to learn more about coffee and the Seattle coffee scene.

My mission with this show is to create a fun, informative, and highly local – but worldly relevant show – that delves into Seattle coffee scene and provides the listener with insights from great cafés and relevant coffee consumer information.

Ideally, I like to bring you a show a couple of times per month to complement my regular coffee posts.

How can you listen to the podcasts?

You can either download them via itunes here:


seattle coffee podcast


Our you can listen directly from my coffee podcast feed which I will post with each show.

Make sure you don’t miss a show!  You can subscribe to our podcasts directly via iTunes. Also, please consider leaving me a kind review!

Thanks again for listening and reading Seattle Coffee Scene. If you have any comments, suggeestions, or pointers, I'd love to hear them! Simply send me an email! I promise to respond!

– Eddie