seattle coffee and kuma coffee
Mark Barany, owner of Kuma Coffee in Seattle.

 In the span of just a few years Kuma Coffee has jumped onto the Seattle Coffee Scene, becoming one of the best third-wave coffee roasters in the Northwest.

Kuma Coffee has also developed quite an extensive following of fans, from avid coffee geek to casual coffee drinkers.

But how did it all start? How did he develop his coffee?

This podcast interview delves deep behind Mark Barany's success in the heart of Seattle's coffee roasting scene.

The interview took place at Mark’s new roasting facility near Inter Bay near Queen Anne and Magnolia

There I also spoke with Mark’s roasting partner, Peter Mark Ingalls.  “Seattle is a city packed to the brim with coffee and coffee roasters. They're aren’t as many 3rd wave coffee roasters and we're one of the few and that’s pretty exciting,” Ingalls said.

This past fall Kuma Coffee took 2nd Place at Coffee Fest Seattle 2013, just behind Tony’s Coffee.

Mark discusses his passion and drive that has continues to propel his coffee company to the top of many coffee lover’s lists.

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Coffee Podcast Interview with Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee's Peter Mark Ingalls works on their new Loring coffee roaster in Interbay, Seattle.

Kuma Coffee

For more information on Kuma Coffee, visit their website here.