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Whether you have memories of walking down the Seine River in Paris, the Adige River in Verona, Italy – or anywhere in between – you just might recall your time enjoying a cup of coffee in a European town and find yourself wanting to relive it.

Having lived in Sweden for a year, where enjoying coffee and beer is a national pastime, I regularly find myself longing for that authentic European coffee experience right here in Seattle.

While we have many great cafes and coffeehouses in Seattle, there are a few that remind me of my second home.

They are listed below:

seattle coffee - senso unico
Take a moment to find a bit of Europe in Seattle at Caffe Senso Unico.

Caffé Senso Unico

Located between Belltown and the base of Capitol Hill, Caffé Senso Unico is a gem of a café. The aesthetics and feel of Europe doesn’t come by accident as Mario, the owner who is originally from Italy, has carefully designed his café to remind him of home. (Lucky for us, right?) The beautiful tables and painted walls are all so beautifully designed that they can make you forget that you’re going to have to jump on the I-5 later in the day.

This isn’t a café for campers or freelancers – That’s right, there is no WIFI here, which means customers are now liberated to talk with one another.

Complete with freshly baked goods and locally roasted coffee, Caffé Senso Unico is worth a visit.

See map below:

Caffe Senso Unico, 622 Olive Way, Seattle, WA ‎

Caffe Senso Unico

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Caffe Senso Unico 47.613246, -122.336038

Caffé Umbria

seattle coffee - caffe umbria - coffee in seattle - seattle coffee shops

I’ve written several times about Caffe Umbria, which is located in picturesque Pioneer Square. Perhaps, it’s a little about the design, the coffee offerings, or the fact that the owners are multiple-generations of Italian roasters who love Italian tradition that steers me to recommending this place.

Caffe Umbria is a beautiful café with a friendly staff. While you might not have time for visiting Florence this summer, you might want to pop on down to Pioneer Square and spend an hour or so there to get your Southern Italian fix.

For more information, see my previous post here.


Caffe Appassionato

seattle coffee - caffe appassionato


Caffe Appasionato is another beautiful European-style café that will make you forget about the hectic day-to-day grind that so many of us face (I'm thinkin' it could also very well cure Seattle's road rage). Though, it's a bit tricky to find (at least for me) as it lies between the northern tips of Magnolia and Queen Anne. Nevertheless, the space is beautiful, spacious, and designed for taking a breather – and it offers freshly crafted French roast that is steeped in European tradition.

For more information, see my previous post here.


Bonjourno! Do you have any Seattle cafes or coffee houses that remind of you Europe? Share them with us in our comment section below! Buona Notte!


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