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Neptune Coffee in the Greenwood-Phiney Ridge area of Seattle is a total time warp. It’s like stepping back into my 9th grade science class with Mr. Kline a few years back. Clean with classic art-deco facades that come complete with a periodic table and wooden counter top that is reminiscent of a high school chemistry science lab.

Though I was safe from any flashbacks that would include high school crushes, Letterman jackets, and trying to land a date to the prom, Neptune Coffee perhaps can bring out that youthful optimism that many of us had before college tuition stress, finding jobs, securing our careers, car and mortgage payments, and all the rest of the “good stuff” that comes after high school.

I was fortunate, I slowly grew into adulthood like many other Gen Xers – and perhaps a bit better for it. I really hate to say this, but: “back when I was in school we didn’t have cool coffee shops to hang out it. Today’s high schoolers have got it made – great coffee, cool places to hang out, and are probably completely unfamiliar with the concept of writing your friend a letter during summer and then waiting a week to get a response. Sure we had phones – we even had “call waiting” – but since we paid for every single minute, a 21 cent letter was always cheaper.

seattle coffee

Ah, but getting back to the coffee.

Neptune Coffee, serves up a mean latte using Victrola roasted beans. Mine was served perfectly by an experienced barista. Neptune’s large windows and bright aesthetics are perfect for getting work done, meeting up with your North Seattle friends, or simply dropping in for an Americano. In addition, they have bagels and other baked goods, beer, and a variety of other drinks available.


Neptune Coffee:

8415 Greenwood Avenue North  Seattle, WA 98103


Neptune Coffee

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Neptune Coffee 47.690303, -122.355481