The Seattle coffee scene had to start somewhere.

Many would agree that place was Cafe Allegro.

Café Allegro has been pulling coffee shots for Seattleites for nearly 40 years. In fact, opening in 1975, it has the proud distinction of being Seattle’s oldest coffee-espresso bar. (See my previous post here)

Allegro's founder, Dave Olsen, is credited with creating a space so uncommon at the time, that a small, but ambitious company named Starbucks used the café to inspire their vision of what their coffeehouses should look like.

Over the years, Allegro has opened its doors to regulars and strangers alike, as well as host countless community groups that have utilized the space to bring people together.

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Cafe Allegro is located in the University District, Seattle. Photo Credit: Cafe Allegro

Allegro still brings people together. While times may have changed since 1975 – Allegro’s vision still holds true: To serve great coffee and provide a welcoming space for the community. (At least that's my personal interpretation anyway). 

Today, Allegro is in the middle of a transformation becoming its own roaster and expanding its space even further to accommodate patrons.

I spoke to Kate Robinson, co-owner of Café Allegro this week about their past, present, and future. Right now, they are in the middle of a crowdsourcing venture using Crowdtilt to seek help with the last of their remodeling. You can find out more information at

Listen to the audio interview with Allegro’s co-owner:

Take part in Cafe Allegro's Future by donating here.

Cafe Allegro
4214 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

Cafe Allegro

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Cafe Allegro 47.658754, -122.312989
Photo Credits: Cafe Allegro.

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