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Porchlight Coffee, Capitol Hill, Seattle.


In the dark and long winter days in Seattle, there is nothing more welcoming than that of a warmly lit porch light when you get caught out in the rain.

Today was such a day in the Emerald City – where the long days of summer seem well beyond our reach.

I popped into Porchlight Coffee on Capitol Hill, where a warm welcome and a great cup of coffee were waiting and handily served up by Zach, the café’s owner and supreme barista.

Porchlight has been up and running for about four years now and has had a front porch view – no pun intended – of an ever-changing south Capitol Hill. Continous construction projects and new condos have popped like mushrooms since Porchlight arrived on the Seattle Coffee Scene.

Porchlight Records is an integral part of the cafe.


Zach is no stranger to coffee as he’s been in the business since he was 15. If anyone wants to start a cafe in Seattle, my recommendation is to go and talk to Zach. He's not only made it out of the worse possible recession but he's developed quite a following of steady regulars on a street that doesn't garish much foot traffic – with practically no advertising. Seriously, beneath the mellow exterior lies a very good businessman.

What's his secret? Aside from serving great coffee (Herkimer), he's created quite a welcoming place. Today’s vibe at the café was mellow, light, and easy to settle in – certainly perfect for me and a few others that needed to get some work done while we watched the afternoon darken further.

In addition to coffee, Zach who is also a musician and sells records through his record label where a row of albums are available for sale.

If your neighborhood, stop in, say hello to Zach and grab yourself a good cup of coffee. Somehow, I think you deserve it.

Porchlight Coffee serves Macrina pastries and Mighty-O-Donuts allow with Herkimer Coffee.

Porchlight Coffee on Capitol Hill, Seattle

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