Alumbre Coffee Offers Rich, Delicious Coffee by The Bag

The great thing about living in Seattle is that you can have some excellent choices for drinking coffee. Renton-based Alumbre Coffee offers coffee drinkers (and coffee lovers everywhere!) with great options.

There are many great roasters in the Seattle area. But few are robustly embedded in more parts of the supply chain like Alumbre.

Alumbre Coffee was born out of 50 years of tradition – from farming, to milling, to roasting. They offer coffee from their estate in Costa Rica, as well as source coffee from other regions around the world.

I recently tried a variety of their coffee offerings and found them to be delicious.

La Minita Tarrazu® – The medium roast was my personal favorite. Coming from the fields of Costa Rica. I found it to be rich, tasting of caramel, and a sweet brightness.

Yirgacheffe – Hailing from Ethiopia, this medium roast coffee was wonderful. Tasting of blueberries and sweet almonds, this coffee was delightful.

Alumbre Coffee offers other great coffee, including those originating from Colombia and Sumatra.

Alumbre Coffee is named after the Alumbre River that flows through Costa Rica. It’s a delightful offering to coffee lovers by people who know about coffee. It was recently introduced by Java Trading Co. The launch offers quality coffee management and passion from the crop to the cup.

Alumbre Coffee offers their coffee for sale by 12 oz. bags. For more information, visit their website here.

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*Featured Pictures provided by Alumbre Coffee.