Starbucks Coffee Shops in Seattle

Ah, Seattle. Quit possibly the coffee drinking capital of the world, second to only to Mexico City which has 35 million coffee drinking addicts.  If you aren’t from Seattle, you might think of one of two coffee mega brands that are synonymous with the Emerald City: Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee, which the latter is also conveniently owned by Starbucks.  After taking some flak for being “too corporate” Starbucks has tried a program to get back to that “homegrown” feeling of their earlier years and opted to forgo their franchise-like feeling synonymous of most of their cafes.  

Best Seattle Coffee Shops

The decision, in my opinion was not so much an answer to their critics as a smart and innovative move geared towards making their cafes an integral part of their communities – and it has worked. Roy Street Coffee & Tea is without a doubt one of my favorite coffee shops in my Seattle neighborhood.

In comes Roy Street Coffee & Tea, which is quite a charming place to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. If you didn’t know that it was a Starbucks-owned coffee shop (because you didn't see the ‘Inspired by Starbucks' sign in the window), you probably would leave not knowing it either. Their corporate brand, their famous green logo, their white cups, etc. aren’t in your face (Well, you have to look really hard anyway).

Their baristas – the whole lot of them – are the friendliest on the Hill. Here is a group of talented and experienced coffee stars who handle volume with finesse, humor, and passion. Yes, these guys are passionate about their coffee – and beer. Customer service is by far consistently outstanding making each customer feel like a regular. I have actually been here several times and all for different reasons (work, play, and just running in for quick espresso) and have been greeted by charming, angst-free baristas on every occasion.

In addition, the baristas are quite knowledgeable about their beans, teas, and beers, which they often share with patrons. If you’re into beers, talk to Jacob, he will fill you on their variety (I like the Fremont Interurban Beer myself).

As for the coffee, they do have an excellent selection of beans and teas for most people who would happen through their doors, which they serve using a “pour over” method. They also offer some locally produced pastries and grub which are pretty tasty.

Roy Street Coffee & Tea is a great choice

If you are looking for a good cup of coffee served by friendly staff in a charming place with easy-on-the-eyes ambiance. For many people on this little corner of Capitol Hill,

Roy Street Coffee & Tea is roomy cafe but it’s often so packed, it doesn't always feel that way. The place is filled with a diverse group of people – from neighborhood locals, students, artists, to writers to business people looking for a place to meet. If you are looking for a place to host a large group, they also have backroom and front area that you can reserve.

Five stars for excellent service, great ambiance and coffee. The map below details where Roy Street Coffee & Tea serves their high quality brew.

Located: 700 Broadway East Seattle, WA 98102

Neighborhood:  Capitol Hill

Street Parking:  Yes, sometimes difficult.


Roy Street Coffee & Tea

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Roy Street Coffee & Tea 47.625363, -122.321320