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Seattle is filled with many great coffee roasters and I have only just started to get to know some of them. Here is a “working list” of coffee roasters in the greater Seattle area. I hope to continue on discovering new (and older) roasters! If you want to suggest a roaster, just send me an email. Also subscribe to our email list and REMEMBER to “like” Seattle Coffee Scene on Facebook!



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 Our List Includes Only Seattle Coffee Roasters We've Featured:

Seattle Coffee RoastersBriefOriginal Post
Bauhaus Books & CoffeeA local roaster that offered a friendly place for neighbors to meet on Capitol Hill. (They recently moved to Ballard).Bauhaus Post - On Capitol Hill
BioWilly’s Beans Great tasting beans roasted with 100% green energy by a retired science school teacher. I enjoy BioWilly’s wedding blend. Ultra Local. Ultra Green. Ultra Good. BioWilly's Post
Conduit CoffeeJesse is one heck of a roaster. This guy has a BIG future in Seattle’s Coffee Scene. This indie roaster is making a name for himself too with taking home some great awards recently.Conduit's Post
Caffe Appassionato Mixing old world tradition with new world innovation, comes Caffe Appassionato. Good People. Good Coffee. Caffe Appassionato's Post
Caffe Vita With the flagship location in the heart of Pike and Broadway, it’s easy to get a pulse of the coffee scene by dropping by and getting whatever their serving. Caffe Vita Post
Caffe Ladro My top pick for 2012. Their passion great coffee and their NON-Pretentious attitude towards educating their customers about the coffee they are about to enjoy really sets the standard of quality and customer service.Caffe Ladro's Post
Caffe Umbria I love tradition and this well-established coffee family knows it. They serve it well from their Pioneer Square location.Caffe Umbria's Post
Fuel CoffeeDani Cone knows all about coffee (and pies too). If you ever want to experience friendly service AT THE SAME TIME you enjoy great coffee, check out Fuel. (Tell them I sent ya!)Fuel Coffee Post
Fonte Coffee Roasters Here is a well-respected coffee roaster that can be found in high-end hotels around the world. Their beautiful café near Pike’s market is a great place to enjoy a latte.Fonte Coffee Post
Herkimer Coffee I L-O-V-E Herkimer’s blend of coffee and recommend them to anyone who has not yet tried them. Herkimer Coffee
Kuma CoffeeKuma coffee is another indie roaster constantly producing great roasts.KUMA Coffee
Lighthouse Roasters I always enjoy getting a cup of the Lighthouse coffee, if you haven’t done so yet, their coffee is available in more locations throughout the city.Lighthouse Roaster's Post
Seattle Coffee WorksFrom a plumber to a coffee roaster, Seattle Coffee Works was born. These guys know their coffee and know how to demonstrate it to their customers. Seattle Coffee Works' Post
Slate Coffee Roasters Even though their brand new onto the Seattle Coffee Scene – Slate is well known among coffee aficionados.Slate Coffee Roaster's Post
StarbucksDo I need an intro? My 100 year prediction: These guys will be the first to open a location on Mars in 2098.Starbuck's First Cafe Post
Tony's Coffee Tony's Coffee took the top prize in 2013 at Coffee Fest Seattle. I've dropped by their public cupping lab and coffeehouse in Ballard. For more info check out the podcast (click on the link to the right).Tony's Coffee Podcast interview
Top Pot Coffee & DoughnutsIf there is one thing that complements coffee (other than Kahlua...) it's doughnuts. Top Pot donuts are sinfully good, but their coffee is also great too - and locally roasted. Top Pot Coffee's Post
Vivace Coffee Roasters Elegance in roasting is a daily practice for David’s Vivace. He has a lot to tell and a lot to teach. In the meantime, I’ll keep enjoying them.Vivace's Post
Victrola Coffee Roasters Every time I have Victrola Coffee, I enjoy it better than I did the last time. A true Seattle pillar of roasting coffee.Victrola's Coffee Post
Zoka Coffee RoastersZoka Coffee has a great place in Tangletown near Greenlake. I enjoy their coffee and always wish I had the opportunity to drop by more often.Zoka's Post
Your Favorite Coffee Roaster Not Listed?Email me! I would love to interview more great coffee roasters!


**I realize I am not even close to being done with this list (Hence the red, bold, and underlined text!) But…if you would like to be on this list, email me or contact me here.