While world class baristas, coffee houses, and coffee roasters were battling for the America’s Best title, exhibitors at Seattle Coffee Fest were busy meeting and talking to hundreds of visitors and coffee aficionados this past weekend at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.

I was fortunate to be able to speak to quite a few exhibitors about their experience at Seattle Coffee Fest and they were overwhelmingly thrilled about being in Seattle and rubbing shoulders with the rest of the coffee world. While I couldn't possibly have visited with them all, I caught up with a few.

Andrew Russo of Mountain Coffee Corporation talked with me about importing green coffee to a wide range of customers.

Mountain Coffee

Mountain Coffee provides green beans to many roasters – big and small – all over the U.S. They serve top notch Brazilian beans that are derived from sustainable farming methods. “More and more people are concerned about sustainability and traceability. We work with certified fazendas and provide full transparency for roasters who use our coffee,” said Andrew. In addition to their beans they provide assistance with blends and back end support.   “Their business is our business and we want them to succeed,” Andrew added.


In addition to Mountain Coffee, I met up with InterAmerican Coffee (website) and Atlas Coffee Importers (website) – both green coffee suppliers who are interested in meeting coffee roasters in the Seattle area.


WhiteShield naturally prevents coffee stains and reduces stains.

White Shield

White Shield, which prevents and reduces coffee stains on your teeth, is just one of many innovative products to be found at Seattle Coffee Fest this year. The simple pack can be poured into coffee that you drink every day.

White Shield “took about five years to develop. We wanted to create a product that addresses the only problem we have with coffee – it stains our teeth,” said 

Coffee teeth is a problem and we offer a solution that fixes your beverage,” Barry Carothers.


While we are on the subject of oral hygiene, Neil Collie over at Herb Pharm had also displayed his herbal spray tonic to knock out bad coffee breath. (Trust me, you want this in  your pocket after you finish off a double shot of whatever). If interested in carrying them at your café or store, check them out at www.herb-pharm.com.

Slayer Espresso

Ah, the beauty of a Slayer Espresso machine is hard to beat.  As a big sponsor of Seattle Coffee Fest, I had to stop by their booth and check them out. It was well worth it!


Working on the Slayer Espresso at the Seattle Coffee Fest 2012.


Coffee Fest Seattle is held every year in the Fall. Additionally, they have shows in New York and Chicago. For more information visit www.CoffeeFest.com.