Oji brewed coffee at Caffe Vita.


That’s not what it looks like. That right there is a cold brewed single-origin coffee from Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill.

Temperatures reached 80° in Seattle Today (Wednesday), which can feel like 120° for most Seattleites, so I opted for a for a something with ice cubes.

Though I’m not generally an iced-coffee drinker, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finally try this unique method of brewing, which takes about 6-8 hours to achieve. (Now, don't worry they pre-brew it for you.)

The coffee is brewed by a contraption called an Oji, which does a marvelous job at extracting the beans’ characteristic flavors and its caffeine. The result: a mellower-tasting, less acidic cup of coffee. The method was perfected by the Japanese and it’s slowly getting some traction here in the States.

There aren’t too many coffee shops that offer the slow cold brew method on the hill. Caffe Vita serves a 4 oz. cup on the rocks for $3 bucks.

Ah, if you want to buy your own “Oji” check them out here – Warning: They cost about $220-250 bucks.

(*P.S. A shout out to the very cool and patient baristas over at Caffe Vitta – a  Seattle Coffee Powerhouse – for letting me pepper them with questions..)