Among the throngs of tourists near the famous Pike's Place Market you will find a rather large man enjoying his coffee. The imposing large facade guards the black gold that Seattle Coffee Works serves. 

Seattle Coffee Works, is a different, actually I'd prefer to say, innovative café. Huh? Innovation at a coffee shop?  Well, yes, innovative and interactive too…

Unlike other cafe's, Seattle Coffee Works offers a potential two-for-one experience with their express bar, which is what you would expect at any café, and their “slow” bar, which allows customers to experience a coffee tasting room in order to sample a few of their varietal brewing methods.

What is striking about this place is that when you step through the doors, you immediately get swooped away from all that bustling foot traffic just outside generated by tourists and shoppers who are making their way to the Pike’s Place Market.

The large Seattle Coffee Works sign enjoys a cup of coffee as it towers over throngs of tourists headed to Pike's Place Market.

Seattle Coffee Works roasts their own beans and offers a great selection of coffee blends from East Africa, South America, Central America, and Indonesia.

Chalk it up to great marketing, but they even have their Obama Blend, which you gotta try. The blend, named after our beloved president, has varietal beans from Indonesia and East Africa.

Today, I had a cappuccino and it was wonderful. Smooth, velvety, and delivered beautifully. After a busy week, it was the best way to start my Saturday morning as the atmosphere here in Seattle Coffee Works is very relaxing and calm. The baristas are very friendly and chatty and I always feel welcomed here.

Simply put, their coffee is excellent and earns a strong 5 out of 5 stars. With plenty of space to grab a latte with friends or even do a little online browsing, the place is still cozy considering the throngs of tourist just a few feet away.

If you’re visiting Pike’s Place Market and need a place to sit down and rest and enjoy some great Seattle coffee (and you don’t want to wait in line for 15 minutes), this is certainly my choice.

The baristas at Seattle Coffee Works are funny, loud-in-a-non-obnoxious-way, and simply fun to order coffee from. If you're headed there with someone who isn't that in to coffee, Seattle Coffee Works also offers various smoothies and Italian sodas. For food, they serve bagels and select sandwiches.

Pike's Place Market
Step right outside Seattle Coffee Works and you will be feet away from Pike's Place Market.

If you are visiting Pike's Place for the first time and want to grab a good cup of coffee, this is a good place to start. The famous first Starbucks, which no doubt you will be curious to see, is right around the corner but usually the lines are way too long, there is no seating area there, and there is also no restroom. In addition, let's not forget about the higher quality coffee here at Seattle Coffee Works that you'd be missing. But ah, what the heck, go check out the first Starbucks too!

See Map below for exact Seattle Coffee Works location:

Location: 107 Pike Street 

Neighborhood: Downtown 

Parking: Paid parking

 Free WIFI

Seattle Coffee Works

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Seattle Coffee Works 47.608944, -122.339415