When Arthur Denny and his wife Mary set sail on a 73-foot schooner named the Exact from Portland up to Puget Sound, he may have never imagined the city he and his fellow pioneers would create when they landed at Alki Point back in 1851. It was a rugged and energetic first few decades for a place that would be named after a handsome Duwamish and Suquamish leader the locals called, “Old Man Seattle.”

Today, Seattle is a city still filled with rugged energy, forward-leaning innovation, and creativity all canopied by immense natural beauty that is hard for other cities to rival.

It’s especially beautiful in the summer, where the brilliant early mornings and the long lasting sunsets allow for a city of people to catch up on their Vitamin D intake.

While the sun tries to wrangle control of the skies from the rain, even during summer I am continually impressed by Seattleites who, regardless of the weather, continue to bike, walk, run, sail, row, and drink lots of coffee in their favorite places all across the area despite the torrent of drizzle.

Seattle is a great place to be a writer. It’s a great place to live. And I’m happy I’m here.

I have chosen to write about coffee here in this blog, but the truth is that volumes could be written on just about anything else, including Seattle parks, kayaking culture, sailing life, biking and hiking trails, restaurants, bars, its music scene, its tech industry, environmental happenings – to name just a few.

I am convinced that we live in a great city because our neighborhoods are strong. And as they continue to be strong, I  have a feeling that we'll be okay despite our ups and downs. I continuously see the strength, passion, and sense of community in so many different cafes and coffee houses – even coffee carts – all over town which add to each neighborhood's vibrancy, facilitating dialogue and social interaction among neighbors.

Thank you for joining me as I continue to explore a little bit of this city one Seattle coffee shop at a time.

– Eddie

Surrounded by incredible beauty Seattle ranks as one of the best cities in the world,
at least for this writer.