Baking should be the International Language of Love. And oh sweet loooove is what they make over at the Sugar Bakery & Café off of Madison.

Step in from the bustle of First Hill and be transported to a lively little world that stocks the locals, including the good folks over at Virginian Mason, with their well-deserved sugar fix, and you will never be the same. This is also a great little Seattle coffee spot!

When I walked in recently, I instantly succumbed to the aroma of baked bread, lavender shortbread, frosted peanut butter and jelly cupcakes, mounds of cookies, tarts, and my personal Achilles Heel: cheesecake.  It’s enough to push anyone three sheets to the wind.

Seatle Coffee Scene Sugar Bakery and Cafe
                            I love the forecast this week in Seattle.

It didn’t matter that it was mid-afternoon and the place was nearly cleaned out by the rush of talented people in blue scrubs, I was in heaven, sweet sweet heaven!

Complete with Café Vita coffee served up by exceptionally friendly staff (and a huge display of baked goods!) whom I peppered with questions: How long have you been open? Who owns this place? Can I come back here every single day for the rest of my life?

There is no question that I picked the wrong month to watch my weight. But, I couldn't resist and got one of their cheesecake bites. Anyway, just how bad can it be when this place is frequented by half the doctors and nurses in Seattle?

Sugar Bakery & Cafe is a sweet jewel on Madison Street.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth they also have a deep selection of soups and sandwiches too. But c'mon, you can't walk in this place and not leave without getting something delicious to treat yourself. It simply doesn't get better than this.

The good folks at the Sugar Bakery & Café in Seattle aren’t simply in the business of baking, they’re in the business of love. They love with they do. They love their customers. They love to make their deliveries by bike! And by their extraordinary community efforts in donating breads and other baked goods to local non-profits and churches, they love their community.

Places like the Sugar Bakery & Café exemplify all the wonderful things about the people of Seattle: Great coffee, Great service, Great tunes. And you can be sure I will be back.

The map below is where my sweet dreams are made:

Location: 1014 Madison St. 

Neighborhood: First Hill

Espresso: $1.95  

Parking: Street & Paid

Sugar Bakery

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Sugar Bakery 47.613772, -122.328901