B&O Espresso – Is Closed

Before coffee was widely consumed by the plebian masses, coffee had been served as a headache remedy for the English nobility.

Fast forward about few hundred years – which includes an industrial revolution that inevitably made coffee more accessible – coffee is still a favorite drink that is often associated with sobering up from a night of partying – and getting rid of headaches. Even back then, coffee was considered “the most grateful lubricant known to the human machine.”

But even if you’re not recovering from a hangover, coffee is often the first thing reached for in the morning to remove the fog of sleep. At least for me is. It’s a morning ritual that I continue throughout the day and deep into the night. If you’re like me, a good cup of coffee sounds good all the time.

I might take it a step further. I think having a cup of coffee in my hand is the equivalent of having a security blanket as a grown man.

Tangentially, the progression went something like this:

Security blanket > toy hammer > baseball mitt > Rubik’s Cube > backpack > COFFEE CUP

I lost my Rubik’s cube and baseball mitt.

Yes, well this all leads me to B & O Espresso…


Take a seat at B&O Espresso, order breakfast and Caffe Umbria Coffee and wake up – it's 2pm already!


On the South end of Capitol Hill, locals have a great Sunday morning café to visit and soak up the previous night’s after-effects.

The B & O Espresso café, located just off Broadway on the curvaceous slope of East Olive Way, has been a community coffee bastion for years.

With a relaxed and down-home feeling, plenty of locals can be seen slowly walking in to find the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy breakfast when it supposed to be enjoyed – like at 2 pm on Sundays…just my kinda place.

With its deep breakfast menu, friendly baristas and servers, and excellent coffee, B&O gets packed quickly on the weekends.

B&O Espresso was Capitol Hill's first Espresso and dessert cafe, opening up in 1976.

I recently dropped by and scored a great seat off to the left of the entrance where opened French doors exposed a great view of the Space Needle. With a variety of chocolate and non-chocolate pastries, custards, crisps, pie, éclair, tiramisu, tarts, and cake all prepared by their own pastry chef – this place is not to be missed.

And to top it off they use locally roasted coffee beans from the Umbria Caffe – Sundays just don’t get any better.

Location: 204 Belmont Avenue East, Seattle, WA