Seattle Coffee Gear knows a whole lot about coffee – especially the equipment you need to brew it perfectly at home.

For nearly a decade, Seattle Coffee Gear has earned its place as a primary resource for those interested in brewing a better cup of coffee in Seattle and beyond. In fact, much of their business extends far from the great Pacific Northwest. However, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Seattle area you’ll be happy to know that they have quite a coffee showroom that displays anything from drip coffee makers to espresso machines.

While I have no direct affiliation with Seattle Coffee Gear, they have previously written a guest post on Seattle Coffee Scene and I find them to be a great resource for coffee lovers and coffee business owners alike, which is why they are the first in an occasional business series I'm publishing.

seattle coffee gear 3 brandonI recently interviewed Brandon King, who is the Director of Sales at Seattle Coffee Gear. We talked shop about pretty much everything a new coffee owner would be interested in before their business launch. Brandon goes into great detail about some of the pitfalls that many new business owners get in trouble with when choosing their coffee equipment. It is a great interview and deserves a listen!

If you’re interested in reaching out to Seattle Coffee Gear, visit their website at

They also have a great YouTube channel, which you can visit here.

Here’s our audio interview:


Oh, yeah, There's more! Here’s a great video discussing how to choose your espresso machine:

Photos: Photos provided by Seattle Coffee Gear.