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If you love making coffee via “pour overs” at home, then chances are that you have a Chemex. I really love my Chemex, especially when I have more than one guest and my Moka Bialetti Espresso Maker just wouldn't be practical.

In addition to making great coffee, Chemex remains one of my favorite ways to make cold brew at home or even brewing teas – though they are some great tea kettles available. While making coffee with a Chemex is great, many people have wondered the best way to clean a Chemex after the party is over. While there is no right way to do, I have found only one way to thoroughly clean and rid your Chemex of coffee oil build-up and residue.  Having oily residue not only looks bad, but it also can impact the taste of your coffee.  Read more here.

Keeping your Chemex coffee brewer clean will help have a long beautiful life making great-tasting coffee! It's easy and enjoy to make coffee with a Chemex, but you also might considering try brewing with an aeropress available here.

Okay, so let's get stared!


The best way to clean a chemex, chemex

Here’s My Best Way To Clean A Chemex

First, this is what you’ll need:

1. Ice (a Pint full of ice should do)
2. Table salt (About 2 table spoons)
3. Liquid dish soap (2 or 3 drops)
4. Water

Hopefully, you will not to go out of your way to get any of these products. Most of these can be found right in your own home and kitchen cabinet. 

So, make sure there is no residual coffee in the Chemex. Then pour your ice, salt, and liquid dish soap. Mix it up together. Next, fill up your Chemex about 1/3 the way up with water and swirl. Keep swirling!  

You will find a nice healthy froth will start to develop. As you swirl, the ice, salt, and dish soap will start to gently scrub the coffee oils and residue off the glass. If your Chemex is really in need of a deep cleaning, you will want to swirl for a minute or two longer.  


the best way to clean a chemex coffee


Directions – How to Clean Your Chemex:

1. Pour the ice inside your Chemex

2. Pour the 2 table spoons of salt

3. Add your dish soap

4. Fill your water to about a third of the Chemex

5. Swirl for about 1 to 2 minutes

7. Rinse 

Here's what it does: The swirling ice applies the weight and force adequately needed to scrub the inside of your Chemex. The table salt serves as a mild abrasive to help remove any coffee stains and mineral residue from water.

This is an effective way of cleaning out your Chemex without having to shove your fingers down the neck and risking breakage.

After swirling the iced concoction, you'll notice things getting nice and frothy. Simply swirl for about a minute  or two (or a little more for stubborn stains.).

Next, empty the Chemex, rinse with clean water, and air dry! The process also works great for coffee pots and carafes too!

Total Time: 4-5 Minutes


Let me know if this helps!

How to Clean a Chemex Problem Solved!

There are many great ways to clean our coffee makers – if you have any particular method or would like and would like to share how you clean your coffee makers (including your Chemex Coffee Maker) – simply leave a comment below.

Whether you are strolling downtown Seattle looking for great coffee or you are hiking the great outdoors in the Seattle area (or anywhere in between), we'd love here from you!


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