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The Row House Cafe in South Lake Union.


Do you remember your first time doing it? Perhaps you were a little nervous? You felt a bit unsure of yourself. Perhaps, you thought you should wait it out a little longer, but then, decided to go for it because you could barely contain the excitement?

Of course, I’m talking about your first Internet purchase.

I’m proud to say that I made my very first online buy with, which is based right here in beautiful downtown Seattle. That first frightful – but pleasant – experience, gave me the green light to buy pretty much everything else online since then.

But do you ever wonder who are these people behind this behemoth website? From the person who shipped my latest book to the Kindle Fire designer, does a good job of keeping their talent hidden behind an HTML curtain for the rest of us to romanticize about.

Well, they all got to come out and eat sometime, right? And when they do, quite a few of them head over to the Row House Café, near South Lake Union, for an early morning coffee or lunch. 

Nestled between downtown Seattle and Lake Union the Row House Cafe does a fine job of wrapping up all of Seattle in their cozy space: A solid mixture of old and new, traditional and modern, Euro and Americana, coffee and beer – and a bit more coffee.Converted from a what looks like a house/office space, this down-home place is oddly and refreshingly situated near Seattle's growing tech district.

The Row House Cafe serves up a beautiful space with their coffee.


Walk into the Row House and you will notice your lips smacking, “Oh, I like this place.” Just try it and you’ll see what I mean.

The tech-savvy Amazonians march in at lunch time and devour the space for an hour before heading back to work, so I recommend visiting either before or after lunch to enjoy the place to yourself.

The Row House Café has a deep and excellent food menu, along with a variety of beer, wine, and tons of coffee, all served up by Ellen, a familiar bartender/barista/actress from Capitol Hill.

And Uncle John's Band? Ah, that's just the song I was humming when I walked into the Row House Cafe. It just seemed fitting.

That's a metal chicken in front of the Row House Cafe in Seattle.


Location: 1170 Republican Street

Neighborhood: South Lake Union

Below is a map detailing the location of the Row House Cafe.

The Row House Cafe

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The Row House Cafe 47.623136, -122.333476
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