Courtesy of Tom Palm, Design & Layout Services.

A Highlight on “Design & Layout Services” – A Company Dedicated to Helping Coffee Shops Succeed

As a coffee drinker, you’ve probably thought about starting your own coffee shop at one time or another. You’ve daydreamed about the espresso machine humming away making coffee, your smiling customers, and becoming a profitable business.

Fortunately, there are those that help make such dreams come true. Attending the SCA’s Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, this past April, I sat in on a presentation by Tom Palm, of Design & Layout Services.  

Mr. Palm help design cafes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. He offers some excellent advise to those interested in starting a cafe, which is why I thought it would be great to have him on the podcast.

Mr. Palm is an experienced professional who’s helped over a thousand coffee businesses and offers his experience for those looking to design a coffee business.

Design & Layout Services helps coffee shop owners with the all aspects of turning a space into a welcoming, efficient, and effective workspace.

Specifically, Mr. Palm and his company help you navigate some topics including:

  • Reviewing the building and health codes
  • Helping you select the equipment you will need
  • Designing your floor plan
  • Helping streamline the time involved in opening a café
  • And helping you avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands

Not only is Mr. Palm an experienced retail and restaurant professional, he’s an excellent educator. You can count on him to advise you on a number of essential design elements for your coffee business.  

How Design & Layout Works With Their Clients:

Courtesy, Design & Layout Services

Tom's company works with his clients online and over the phone, so you can utilize his services anywhere. They've helped customers from Canada to Rwanda.

Once you pick the spot, then you will look at your menu and floor plan. It takes 5-6 days for the initial work plan, and 2-3 days between for any revisions.

They want to make sure that when you start your construction, that you have no doubt that you have the absolute best work plan for that space. 

When the floor plan is finalized, they will  number every piece of equipment so that it’ll have manufactures specs. If you already have the equipment, you can give them all the information about that in advance.  We can also provide for the customer the construction documents. 

I recently interviewed him for our podcast. Here’s our interview below:


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