You want to know what makes Seattle Coffee Scene the best in the world? Two words: Tougo Coffee.  

Cafes that corral baristas this good and provide the space for community interaction the way Tougo Coffee does make up the essence of why Seattle has a coffee scene unrivaled to anywhere in the world.


Seattle Coffee Scene Tuogo Coffee
Tougo Coffee Co. in Seattle serves up great coffee art.


Found on the quiet residential crossing of 18th Street and Union, Tougo Coffee is a modern day portal to coffee heaven served by sensible baristas who bleed Arabica and create each cup with the care given to royalty. That’s right, Prince Charles doesn’t have a chance tasting coffee this good.

So while this might be a little cocky, I believe Seattle’s cafes are the best in the world because of place like Tougo Coffee. In my opinion, this place can go Toe-to-Toe with the best cafes in any city, in any country.

If you want to venture a little off the beaten path beyond the angst of Pike and Broadway and beyond the crowds of Capital Hill, and beyond the medicated energy of First Hill, you will find Tougo Cofffee Co. saddled comfortably within a quiet neighborly street.

The family-friendly Seattle coffee shop has a special area for kids with a mesmerizing wooden ceiling and great tasting coffee for everyone else. They rotate their beans from local and somewhat local roasters to liven the palate. In addition, their welcoming staff and seasoned baristas will make your coffee experience delightful – My recommendation is to drop by and give them a try!

Tougo's baristas are artists. Make it a sure stop if you want to see coffee art in Seattle. Below Christos Andrews works his magic.

Below is where Tougo Coffee resides comfortably…

Location: 1410 18th Avenue/Union

Neighborhood: Minor Park

Tougo Coffee

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Tougo Coffee 47.613305, -122.308749