In one of my favorite little neighborhoods in Seattle is Voxx Coffee on East Lake Avenue. Voxx has a clean retro-modern vibe, but can feel quite intimate as well. Perhaps it's the amalgam of low-chill music volume, orange-shaded lamps, and the welcoming baristas. Seattle coffee is growing in depth because of coffee shops like Voxx.

The baristas are warm and very helpful.  They also love to talk about their coffee which is nice when there are so many choices of coffee blends in front of you.  I really believe that baristas carry the burden of making or breaking any coffee place you visit – this not only includes the quality of the coffee served, but the entire energy of the place.

Seattle Coffee Is Moving Forward

Voxx got it right when bringing on the two baristas that served me my short Americano – they were very friendly, laid back and genuine. In a city like Seattle – or any other place for that matter – great baristas are essential to the cup of success.  It’s strange to wonder why so many potentially great coffee places swim in mediocrity by those they bring on board.

Voxx uses Seattle-based Lighthouse Roasters who have been roasting coffee since 1995. I’ve always been very satisfied with their beans, enjoying the roast in various cafes around town. Where the high quality of their roast ends, the Voxx baristas take the baton and deliver a nice espresso.

The first time I discovered Voxx I tries their cardamom lavender latte served not with syrups but real cardamon and lavender. It was impressively subtle and delicious. Definitely try some fresh Le Fournil baked pastries.

With plenty of seating and large storefront windows, the place is ideal for those interested in camping out and taking a couple of hours to get some work done. They also offer a good selection of sandwiches, vegan donuts, and other drinks. Did I mention that they also serve local beer and wine – and have happy hour? Yup it's all here in this little corner of East Lake. Voxx gets a 4 out of 5 stars for their great service, good coffee and friendly vibe.

Location: 2245 East Lake Ave E

Neighborhood: East Lake

Parking: Street Parking

Free WiFi

Espresso: $2.20

Voxx Coffee

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Voxx Coffee 47.639562, -122.325936