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During Seattle’s short winter days and long nights, we can feel good that there is a place that is always warm, welcoming, and offering their best cup of coffee to regulars and newcomers alike. That place is El Diablo Coffee Co. on Queen Anne Avenue – one of Seattle’s most unique coffee shops.

El Diablo offers Cafe Cubano (Cuban coffee) to Mexican Hot Chocolate to complement their sweet or savory empanadas, and a variety of Cuban soups and other goodies.

There’s no doubt that you will feel right at home here. When you walk into El Diablo you can actually feel your pupils dilate and refocus – you instantly realize that you aren’t just in any Seattle coffee shop any more, but one with vivid character and a taste of latin culture. With murals radiating off the colorful walls, lively music playing, and a warm and chatty staff, I instantly fell in love with the place.

El Diablo Cafe - Seattle Coffee SceneI had a Cafe Cubano, which is essential two shots of espresso and lots of sugar, along with a ham quiche and an apple empanada. The place was lively and filled with locals chatting with each other, happy café campers working on their computers, and the sound of the espresso machine whistling while creating its magic potion.

As I mentioned the café is covered with beautiful mural work, which can keep you busy for your entire stay. I was shadowed by a red devil mural on the wall which the baristas lovingly refer to as Bettie.

El Diablo Coffee Co. also serves wine, beer, and a variety of food – and of course, they serve regular Americanos too. Their specially blended beans are from Tony’s.

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El Diablo Coffee Co
1811 Queen Anne Ave N.

Mon-Friday 5:30am to 8pm

Sat. 6:30am to 8pm

El Diablo Coffee Co.

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El Diablo Coffee Co. 47.635182, -122.357360