In the city where the rainy season can seemingly last all year, finding a cozy cafe to enjoy your coffee can make all the difference. Seattle has many great cafes, but there are a few cozy coffee shops that stand out.

Here are my top 5:

The Ugly Mug Cafe - Seattle Coffee Scene
The Ugly Mug Cafe in Seattle's University District is charming and welcoming.


Ugly Mug Cafe – University District
1309 NE 43rd St
This charming litte cafe in the heart of the U District provides everything you need on a cold, rainy day. A recent renovation led to more than a change in aesthetics – they also roast their own beans. Only draw back, it fills up quickly with campers love the ambiance – and locally roasted coffee.
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Chocolati in Greenwood
8319 Greenwood Avenue North

seattle coffee, seattle chocolate
Chocolati in Greenwood.

Coffee and chocolate makes a day better – but then you add the friendliest of the friendlies baristas and a cozy backroom with faux fireplace and you're set.
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Caffe Fiore on Queen Anne
224 W. Galer St. Seattle

Cafe Fiore on Queen Anne.

Every time I walk in Caffe Fiore, I know I made the right choice. This particular cafe on Queen Anne is warm, inviting, and certainly cozy. Take a friend or make new one at this cafe.
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Joe Coffee Bar – Capitol Hill
810 East Roy Street

Joes Bar Capitol Hill Coffee Shops
Joe's Bar on Capital Hill, spilling over with great coffee, artsy clientele, and friendly baristas.

Insulated from the noise and bustle of Broadway, Joe Coffee Bar is a cozy little place to get your fill of coffee and crepes. As with other smaller cafes, space can be an issue.
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C&P Coffee Company – West Seattle
5612 California Ave SW

seattle coffee
West Seattle's C&P Coffee Company.

This cafe feels like home. Perhaps because it was many years ago. After you grab your Lighthouse Coffee, you can soak up the afternoon sun out front, the shade outback, the warm of the “living room” – or simply hang in the kitchen with the friendly barista. You simply can't go wrong. My previous C&P Coffee post here.

Do you have a COZY cafe that you love?? Please share in the comments section!

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