There are a few things still up for debate: Whether a man should trim his underarm hair, whether the city of Seattle has the worst streets on the West Coast, and whether Charlie Sheen is insane or a genius.

But one thing certainly isn’t debatable: Café Mox is the raddest coffee shop in Seattle. Yes, I said it: Rad. Wicked. Sweet. Cool. This place rocks harder than Motley Crue in 1988.

Coffee shops in Seattle and all over the world are all conceived differently. Mox was conceived on a game board in a basement, which grew into Card Kingdom, one of the best gaming stores in Washington state.

The café itself started when a group of online friends who never met each other previously wanted to finally meet somewhere and not feel awkward about it. After that request, the owners of Card Kingdom soon opened their cafe.

While most great coffee shops create community in their neighborhoods, Cafe Mox was born from out of a community of online friends, whose loyalty, passion, and innovation makes this one of the best cafes in Seattle.  But don't trust my word for it, go down and talk to their loyal fan base who come from all over the region to meet up with friends. They recently celebrated their first year on May 24, 2012.

No doubt, Café Mox has an incredible loyal – even cult-like following. “I had a couple who wanted to spend their wedding anniversary right here and no place else,” Kim, the barista/bartender tells me. “They are the coolest couple.”

But that doesn’t mean that if you’re not a quote-unquote regular, you’re unwelcome. The truth is that Café Mox is partly hugely successful because it welcomes everyone who walks in their doors with exceptional service, great food, and coffee. “No matter how freaky you think you are, you can be accepted here – whatever you deal is,” Kim adds.

Open from 10am to 12 midnight, Café Mox serves Herkimer Coffee to patrons who can borrow games and play games like Magic and War Machine. Rooms for larger groups are available to be rented out by the hour.

Café Mox has a deep menu from empanadas, Chipotle steak nachos, chicken Caesar salad to garden herb chicken plates. They also serve an excellent selection of local beers, cider, and wine too.

If you love games and fantasy gaming boards and want to take it all in with a well-made espresso and a side of chocolate mousse then this cafe is for you. Seriously, this place rocks. You can try all the games for free here. The staff is very knowledgeable about the games and coffee too! On weekend nights this place can ce really crowded and the parking is filled up.

Wanna open up a cafe in Seattle? Come sit down and talk to these guys. Like every successful business, they know who their customer is, they know how to keep their customers coming back, and they know what good service looks like. Cafe Mox offers high quality niche entertainment, great food, excellent coffee, friendly service, and it's original – which basically is the recipe for success.

If you’re not into games, but are rather looking for an inviting place to get some work done in Ballard and want to enjoy a good cup of coffee and lunch, crash out on their leather couch by the window and pull up the free WIFI, you’ll be staying awhile.

It's all about fun and games at Cafe Mox.


Location: 5105 Leary Ave NW

Neighborhood: Ballard

Cafe Mox

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Cafe Mox 47.664986, -122.380418