The Anchored Ship Coffee Bar in Ballard.

The Law of Attraction is a strange thing. The premise is that whatever your thoughts are, whatever your passions are, the universe will start working to make it so.  While you might not get your wish overnight, but thoughts are powerful things. Attraction is a powerful force. And certainly, you are drawn to things that you think about. And there is no question, I am attracted to the Anchored Ship Coffee Bar in Ballard.

The Anchored Ship Coffee Bar proves that you don't have to be big to be a great cafe. You don't have to ramp up the loud industrial-metal rock to be cool. It's beauty and simplicity that matters. A cafe without all the makeup. But with cute little details that make it so charming and adorable. It's the details that we are often attracted to.  

          This charming cafe serves Herkimer Coffee.

The Anchored Ship Coffee Bar combines all my manifested thoughts about how a wonderful coffee shop should be – excellent coffee, beautifully designed, naturally accented with Americana ambiance, and all with the friendliest baristas this side of Lake Union.

Just off the main drag in Ballard this handsome café is so irresistibly charming, you will want to spend all afternoon perched by their large bay window, perfect for people watching. It is a wonderful Seattle coffee shop that is well worth the effort to get to if you're not from Ballard.

If you’re not familiar with Anchored Ship Coffee Bar, you might recognize it from its previous name, Cugini – which means cousins in Italian. Before that, it was once called Two Vices Café, because it sold coffee and cigarettes. (While they don’t sell cigarettes anymore, they do serve local beer and wine).

Walk in to the Anchored Ship Coffee Bar, and you will instantly feel like a regular, perhaps because of Rosemary, the resident barista. There is something quite immeasurable of a great barista who can serve up a well-crafted coffee for one customer, open a can of beer for another, hold a great conversation with yet another, and make sure the place is tidy. Set down your anchor and enjoy yourself with a cup of good coffee.

Serving Herkimer Coffee and a wide assortment of pastries from Macrina, Sister Souls Bakery, and Tall Grass Bakery, this has to be one of my favorite cafés in all of Seattle. 

And oh yes, the Law of Attraction works. I have the Anchored Ship Coffee Bar to prove it. With a tip of the hat, I left with a spring in my step after visiting this little coffee shop.

Below is the location of the Anchored Ship Coffee Bar.

Location: 5306 Ballard Ave NW

Neighborhood: Ballard


Anchored Ship Coffee Shop

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Anchored Ship Coffee Shop 47.666709, -122.383366