The Wandering Goose – Capitol Hill

seattle coffee - seattle cafes - the wandering goose
The Wandering Goose on Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.

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A perfect café offering freshly baked goods, layered cakes, cookies, and a wide-array of great breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. It’s a small, but beautiful space.

They also have a beautiful Bosco espresso machine, a handmade espresso machine from Italy, which is sweet to watch.

From the coffee to the food these guys are perfectionists. “We try to do everything really well. I encourage everyone in the neighborhood to give us a try,” said Tim, the Front of House Manager.

Aside from the coffee and baked goods, they also have incredible Fried Chicken Fridays.

Hours of Operation:

7am to 4pm – Everyday

5pm to 9pm – Extended on Fridays

Address:  403 15th Avenue East, Seattle WA 98112


seattle coffee - seattle cafes - wandering goose
Pulling a shot of espresso at the Wandering Goose, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.



Odd Fellows Café – Capitol Hill

seattle coffee - seattle cafe - odd fellows
Cookies and more at the Odd Fellows Cafe, Seattle.


Odd Fellows Café is a great place to sit down and people watch through the large open windows and enjoy your coffee with their in-house baked goods.

Complementing the Americana art and accessories, the large ceilings give the café an openness that’s hard to find anywhere else in the city. They have great lunch and dinner options too.

Hours of Operation

“8am to late”

Address:  1525 10th Ave  Seattle, WA 98122



Volunteer Park Café – Capitol Hill

seattle coffee - volunteer park cafe
Volunteer Park Cafe on Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.


This must be my favorite new coffee spot on Capitol Hill. It’s tucked away just East of Volunteer Park and is ultra-local and satisfies that need to find a place that offers charm, great service, and quality foods and coffee.

Seriously, you’ll be hard pressed not to want to come back. They bake their own goods, grow their own herbs and have their own chickens in the back of the café for the freshest eggs. No doubt, every neighborhood would be better served if they had a Volunteer Park Café around the corner.

The place is nearly always full of locals and visitors who also love the spot as well, so be prepared to get cozy on their long wooden table.

Hours of Operation

7am to 430pm Weekdays

8am to 430pm Weekends

Address:  1501 17th Ave E  Seattle, WA 98112


Anchored Ship Coffee Bar – Ballard

seattle coffee - anchored ship coffee bar
The Anchored Ship was previously known as Cougini Cafe and Two Vices in Ballard.

If you’re in Ballard often and haven’t dropped by, then this place should be first on your list! Yes, it’s small and cozy, but I really enjoy having coffee here. These folks are passionate about their coffee and have exceptional friendly service which I know you’ll love.

Ballard has many great cafes, but this one always seems to come back as one of my favorites.

Hours of Operation

7am to 8pm

Address: 5306 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle


Louisa’s Café & Bakery – East Lake

seattle coffee - seattle cafe - louisas cafe - Eastlake
Louisa's Cafe and Bakery, East Lake, Seattle, WA.

It’s hard to find a café that has everything you want – great coffee, freshly baked goods, excellent sandwiches, and a great happy hour. Don’t worry, you’ll find that at Louisa’s Café & Bakery in East Lake.

Since this is near my rowing crew house, I stop by often enough to know that the service, coffee, and baked goods are always perfect.

While there is plenty of seating, the place is always packed so plan ahead on busier weekend mornings.

Hours of Operation:

7am to 9pm Weekdays

8am to 3pm Weekends

Address: 2379 Eastlake Ave E Seattle, WA 98102

Did I miss any Americana-style Cafes? Let us know in the comment section!

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