Sweet and Smooth: Was it a Kiss? It was just Herkimer Coffee.

On the edge of the University District – beyond the bustle of undergrads, beyond the fresh aroma of farmer markets and herbal co-ops, beyond the noisy dive bars and take out restaurants, therein lies a wonderful little coffee oasis called Herkimer Coffee.

With two locations open, Herkimer Coffee has established quite a formidable name for themselves in the Seattle area as a totally legit coffee roaster.  

Since I was heading over for a day at UW, I figured that I’d stop by their southern location and do a little “work” and check them out.

Coffee Break:

When writing any review, it’s important to consider that the “review” is only a single “snap shot” of a moving picture.

A snap shot today will often be a different snap shot tomorrow…so naturally reviews will vary among writers.

Often times, when visiting a Seattle coffee shop or café I don’t generally let anyone know that I’m writing about them because I think that would “upset” the delicate nature of the experience.

Of course, it’s not like I’m John Muir witnessing the awe of the wild and then penning poetry or drawing sketches about it… nevertheless, being incognito simply provides everyone a more genuine experience and a more honest review on my part.

But this time I let my guard down. This time I came too close to the wildlife.

Before David –  the barista – had even rung me up, I started snapping pictures of his coffee art that he so delicately served against the medium of a short latte – a dead give-away that something is up, right?

So, I let him in that I had a silly little blog about coffee and wanted to write up something.  

David is as mellow as they come and took it all in stride. He smiled, turned around and probably whispered to himself, “Bro, you're a dime a dozen around here.”

And so, that's how it goes at the Seattle Coffee Scene

Anyway, let’s get back to the coffee.

Do you remember your first kiss?

Herkimer Coffee is as sweet and smooth as your very first kiss – or as sweet as it should have been. You simply want to close your eyes and breathe it in when you are tasting it.

The coffee is truly excellent. It's remarkable.

I also bought a bag of their Colombia Selecto beans to brew in my Aeropress every morning. I love the consistently clean and reamy body of this coffee with citrus acidity.

This Seattle coffee shop on University Way is a small, clean-but-not-sterile environment, used by people who are plugged into their laptops, headphones, and study groups; it is simply a delight for neighbors or students to have in their backyard.

Location: 5611 University Way NE

Neighborhood: S. Ravena/N. U-District

Espresso: $2.10 Cash Only


The map below shows where John Muir once had coffee:

Herkimer University District

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Herkimer University District 47.669818, -122.313186