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For new and returning UW students, Seattle's University District offers plenty of great coffee shops and cafes to meet up with friends, get homework done, and of course, fuel up on great coffee. Here’s a list of the University District Best Coffee Shops (In no particular order).


Zoka Coffee

zoka coffee - university district

Zoka Coffee, on the outer banks of the U District, Zoka provides a perfect space to meet up with your classmates, sprawl out on a table, and procrastinate on your project – together. Enjoy locally roasted coffee from Zoka some tasty treats to go with it.  

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 Address: 901 NE Blakeley Street, Seattle, WA 98105 





Herkimer Coffee



For those coffee lovers, who want to study in a college town café without compromising on quality and taste of their coffee, Herkimer offers a quiet space for individuals or small groups to meet up.

(My previous story about Herkimer)

Address: 5611 University Way NE  Seattle, WA 98105









Café on the Ave

seattle coffee - seattle coffee shop


Café on the Ave has everything you need to camp out all day – food, coffee, and space. The friendly staff and excellent baristas work hard to serve the throngs of students throughout the day. This place is perfect for working alone or meeting up with large groups to get your school projects done – or at least started. They offer Café Vita beans and a variety of beers too on tap too.

(My Previous story about them here.)

Address: 4201 University Way NE  Seattle, WA 98105




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Solstice Café

Cafe-Solstice-u-District - seattle coffee shops

Solstice Café is certainly a perfect placeto stop in for a steaming macchiato on the way to class and a cold IPA on your way out. With their wonderful in-house baked goods, their Lighthouse Coffee, or their selection of food, beer, and wine – who could want anything more? Actually, their back patio is awesome for the days when the sun wants to show up. Soltice also offers a great place for small groups to study while fueling up on coffee.

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Address: 4116 University Way NE  Seattle, WA 98105









Trabant Coffee and Chai


Providing an edgy vibe and a cool coffee scene, Trabant is the perfect café for any university district. These friendly coffee geeks know their stuff too – serving Seattle’s Kuma Coffee among other tasty treats. No doubt, one of my favorite places to stop in for a great cup of coffee and perfect table to shoot off some emails.

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Address: 1309 NE 45th St  Seattle, WA 98105





Sound Coffee and Morsel

seattle coffee - seattle coffee shops - morsel - sound coffee and biscuits

Up along the Ave you’ll find Sound Coffee and Morsel, which make great biscuits, offers superb coffee (Velton’s anyone?) and the staff make you feel right at home.  I highly recommend trying their biscuits along with Velton’s coffee. These guys can bring the sunshine out on any cloudy day in Seattle – highly recommended.

(My previous story about them here.)

 Address: 4754 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105




Café Allegro

seattle coffee


Prized with being tagged as the oldest coffee shop in Seattle, Allegro Café has been making a few changes this past year to revamp their offerings. They offer both new students and alumni a great space to meet, relax, and study.

(My previous story about them here). 

Address: 4214 University Way NE  Seattle, WA 98105










Bulldog News and Coffee

seattle coffee scene bulldog

For those of you who need a quick cup of excellent coffee to go – and catch up with the day’s news, Bulldog News is the place. I’ve had the pleasure of spending quality time with the baristas there and know that they love their coffee and customers.

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Address: 4208 University Way NE  Seattle, WA 98105










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Ugly Mug Café

The Ugly Mug Cafe - Seattle Coffee Scene
The Ugly Mug Cafe in Seattle's University District is charming and welcoming.

This charming café never seems to fail. They offer a quaint space, good coffee, and accommodating staff, and friendly baristas. Whether you want to sit by the window or catch up with friends, the Ugly Mugg Café is a winner.

(My previous story about them here.)

Address: 1309 NE 43rd St  Seattle, WA 98105













Sure Shot Café

sure shot - seattle coffee shops

Grunge meets Espresso at this UDistrict coffee shop. Wait, no one uses grunge any more as an adjective – or noun for that matter. Poor grammar aside, you can duck in the Sure Shot for an hour to study while being served good coffee by a friendly staff. This place has always been underrated – but no doubt, offers great service and coffee and is always worth a visit. Address:

(My previous story about them here).

Address: 4505 University Way NE  Seattle, WA 98105




Agua Verde Paddle Club and Café


Switching gears the Agua Verde Café offers more of a sit down restaurant with a great view of the Lake Union’s cut. It also has a coffee window for those grad students who are on their way to class. Perfect if you want a quick change of scenery from the florescent lights of classrooms – or simply slide away with one of their Kayaks (only offered during the warmer months). 

(My previous post about them here)

Address: 1303 NE Boat St  Seattle, WA 98105










Did I Miss Your Favorite Cafe or Coffee Shop in the University District? Comment and let me know below!


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