If you love coffee, you will love Zoka’s.

No doubt, when you start your day here you know things are off to a really, really good start.
Zoka Coffee Roasters & Tea Co. have several cafes around Seattle, but today I am among the fortunate to be at their Green Lake location.

Situated on the corner of 56th and Keystone Place, Zoka Coffee Roasters provides patrons with an attractive, wonderful smelling and positively caffeinated atmosphere to unwind, mingle or study.

The sweeping windows, ample seating, cherry-stained décor, all supported by large wooden beams and the air of grand possibilities, makes this one of my favorite coffee shops in Seattle to get stuff done. With free WiFi, lots of outlets, good music, plenty of space and lots of natural lighting certifies Zoka as a local gem for those who are lucky enough to work from a café.

The quality of their coffee is unquestionably excellent. Not to be outdone by their own roasted beans, the seasoned baristas do their part to serve up a great espresso. Consistently rich, full-bodied and fresh, I have never been disappointed with their coffee.

With friendly baristas that are warm, chatty, and act like they genuinely love their job, you feel great when walking away with your steamy-dreamy drink in hand. From espressos, Americanos and cappuccinos to Chai Tea and iced-drinks, these baristas will hook you up with a wonderfully served coffee of your choice.

Zoka Coffee Seattle
Spacious windows, plenty of seating, and did I mention great coffee?


Places like Zoka make me happy. That is because places like Zoka enrich our neighborhoods, facilitate a sense of community and get our days off to a fresh and better start. Imagine all that…from a single coffee shop?

How many other types of business can really do that? Sure, you can get things done at Kinko’s. Yes, you can grab a bite at Dick’s. And yes, you can mingle at a bar with friends. But, I think we are all better off when we have places like Zoka’s to walk into every morning or night. In fact, it doesn’t really matter who you are or what your background is, there’s nothing quite like a welcoming café to make you feel good about your neighborhood.

Prior to moving to Seattle, I lived in several cities that didn’t have such beautiful and diverse cafes. Places like Zoka Coffee Roasters reminds me just how lucky I am.

Location: 2200 N 56th St

Neighborhood: Green Lake – Tangletown

Parking: Street

Espresso: $2.50

Zoka Coffee

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Zoka Coffee 47.668804, -122.332886