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Seattle has a rich and long history of producing great coffee. While there is no question that many other cities are experiencing a specialty coffee explosion, the Seattle Coffee Scene is maturing and evolving in its own right.

But what makes the coffee scene in Seattle so great? There are many variables, so there is no easy answer. But I think the heart of the answer is found in the passion that can be found in everyone that sits at the table. I wanted to interview Zoka Coffee for quite awhile, since it is a Seattle coffee veteran who's heart is still beating strong, continuously innovating, and bring you a great cup of coffee.

zoka coffee - university districtIn this podcast interview, you’ll hear directly for their green coffee buyer, Dana Foster, who along with a few others, is directly responsible for the quality and taste of your coffee you buy from Zoka.

Dana Foster provides an in-depth and never-before-seen look at Zoka Coffee. If you ever wondered what it's like being a coffee buyer or working behind the scenes, this is a must-listen interview!

Dana explains the Zoka's coffee buying practices and their overall philosphy at bringing high quality direct trade coffee to Seattle.

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Download this Podcast for Free on iTunes Below:

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Zoka Coffee's University Village Address: 2901 NE Blakeley St, Seattle, WA 98105

Zoka Coffee - University Village

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Zoka Coffee - University Village 47.665888, -122.297340

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